Apple Case Study

Posted: November 26th, 2013

1) After Apple launch new iPhone 6, what are the major threats she will face in near future ?
Consider the following :
-Conduct Competitor analysis
-Conduct environmental analysis on these factors: Technology, consumers taste and preferences , economic, supporting industries/suppliers.
-Ability to maintain innovation leadership ?

2) Define the customers and what are their needs relating to this industry/market. Consider following :
– Conduct segmentation
– Needs, analyze taste and preferences, lifestyle, social, image,Technology benefits, Variety seeking behavior

3) What and how you would propose marketing strategies to overcome these threats ? Justify your chosen marketing strategies. consider following :
– R&D and innovation
– Positioning and rebranding
– Speed to market
– First Mover
– Consumer market research

4) Define absolute brand image by considering following : core benefits if any, brand personality attributes, meaning of brand name and symbol

5) Discuss why do you believe that apple have launched so many brand extensions such as iPhone6, 5, 5a, 4, 4a etc ? Is this good strategy ? consider following :
– Brand extensions (illustrate the concept, strategic application and marketing objectives and benefits to apple
– Meaning of brand name and symbol in apple iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 5a etc
– Compare and evaluate answer from above, what are the strategic issues, how it effects the firm and customers ?
– conclusion, a good strategy ?

6) In what ways might the use of internet marketing help to build iPhone brand ? consider follow :
– Define the segment of customer that frequents the internet and iPhone. Define their information consumption behavior
– Illustrate the concept how to build a brand e.g. awareness, associate, knowledge, belief etc
– Illustrate, how the internet as a tool is used to implement the answer in above.

7)What should be iPhone channel management strategy ? why this is important ? consider following :
– Illustrate the customer consumption and buying behavior
– Identify and illustrate the type of channel and length
– Identify the number of distributions and retailers and who are they
– Discuss the channel objective, key roles and responsibilities the intermediary must perform
– The strategic role and significance of this channel to the firm not just sales
– Conclusion, is it important

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