Posted: August 6th, 2013

Book review

Review section I

            In The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future, Mark Bauerlein argues that the young people in the US misuse the internet. He accuses the young people for not using IT and other related gadgets appropriately. He claims that the young people mostly use the internet for communication purposes only connecting with their peer groups. He argues that they do not use it for important purposes such as acquiring more knowledge about the world and its surroundings. This causes them to drift to the modern culture forgetting the cultures that exist in the world and the universal development.

            Mark Bauerlein appreciates the IT efficiency that exists in the world today. He therefore urges people to use it well and derive great benefits from it. He prefers the students to use the internet to review what they learn rather than visit sites like You Tube. There are reasons why the author refers to the title of the book as The Dumbest Generation. First, the youths do not use the internet in ways that benefit them. They instead focus on friends, cars, music and social sites like face book. Second, they do not like to read books either. Third, they do not know how to spell correctly. This is due to the failure in capitalization that is evident in the online writing. Fourth, the youths who possess good writing skills are ridiculed. This is common in My Space. Lastly, they only visit the internet to search for answers to assignments but not to gain any knowledge from them (Bauerlein, 14).


Review section VI

            I found this book to be interesting. However, I feel the author presented a one sided view of today’s youth. He did not support his arguments with other points. In addition to this, his opinions on the changes that have taken place in the education sector are valid. The media also has the same perception about the youths as the author. Therefore, I feel the media plays a great part in influencing people’s perceptions about the youths. However, I agree with the author on his point that those who acquire reading skills early in life, learn later at a faster pace as compared to those who do not. This is because this builds a great foundation for those who learn early.


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