Contemporary in management Exam question

Posted: July 31st, 2013

1.Contemporary management – Globalisation (1 page)
Exam question : Should managers welcome globalisation? Discuss critically the proposition that globalisation does more harm or good. Explain your answer critically with reference to appropriate theoretical concepts and scholarly research

2. Contemporary management – Sustainablility (1 page)
Exam question: Discuss critically the notion of sustainability in contemporary management thought and why, if at all, managers should take it seriously as a concept. with reference to appropriate scholarly writing, explain how he contemporary manager can behave in sustainable manner.

3. Contemporary – Conflict (1 page)
Exam question: Discuss critically how processes of production associated with capitalism might lead to conflict in organisations. How might these conflicts be mitigated?

4. Contemporary – Ethics (1 page)
Exam question: With reference to appropriate theory, explain how and why unethical behaviour might occur in the contemporary organisation, how can it be eradicated?

5. Contemporary – Managing in the information Society (1 page)
With reference to relevant scholarly concepts/literatures, explain how managers can seek to facilitate organisational learning processes, explain the conditions under which an organisation might be expected to learn and what the outcomes of this process would be. (Discuss critically how organisations can learn and effectively manage knowledge)

6. Contemporary – Bureaucracy (1 page)
Is the bureaucracy a thing of the past? with reference to appropriate critical scholarly writing, give detailed reasons for your answer

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