Critiquing Strategic Direction Table

Posted: November 8th, 2023

Critiquing Strategic Direction Table

Directional StrategiesJackson Memorial HospitalOrthopedics Department
Vision StatementMet/Not MetRationaleMet/Not MetRationale
Criteria #1metStatement identifies purpose of the organizationMetStatement identifies the purpose of the department
Criteria #2metSummarizes the core servicesMetSummarizes the core services
Criteria #3metThe reader cannot confuse the field or economic industryMetThe reader cannot confuse the medical specialty area.
Mission (Purpose) Statement    
Criteria #1Not metStates the business purposeNot metOnly offers clinical information and ignores the business aspect
Criteria #2MetStatement indicates the main consumermetStatement indicates the main consumer
Criteria #3MetConveys the level of service offeredNot metDoes not convey the level of service offered
Core ValuesCare, non-profit Care 
Aligns with mission (purpose) statementYes (H) Yes (H) 
Level of Congruency*H, M, or LRationaleH, M, or LRationale
Vision and Mission (Purpose)M M 
Mission and Core ValuesHInformation comprehensive describes the organization, including purpose and future directionsMInformation is not comprehensive to provide an understanding of the department
Level of Congruency**H, M, or LRationale
Vision and Mission (Purpose)MModerate due to the limited scope of the business’ functions
Mission and Core ValuesMModerate because of incomplete compliance to the mission statement

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