CTMS Exercise

Posted: November 8th, 2023

Per Patient Budget

Per Patient Reimbursement Information
Clinical AssessmentPerformed By:Baseline ScreeningVisit 2Visit 3Visit 4Visit 5Visit 6Total
Informed consentRN$15$15
Medical historyRN$25$25
Physical examRN$75$75$75$75$75$75$450
Laboratory examinationRN$100$50$50$50$50$50$350
Drug administrationRN$75$25$25$25$25$25$200
Neuro examinationRN$75$75$75$75$75$75$450
Adverse event reviewRN$25$25$25$25$25$125
QuestionnairesRN $15$15$15$15$15$75
Patient follow up travel costsRN$40$40$40$40$40$200

Given that twelve subjects are legible for all six visits; the budget expands to (1890 by 12) $22680. However, two subjects only qualified for the baseline screening, which costs $365. Multiply by two to get $730. Therefore, the total estimated budget is $22680 plus $730, which is $23410.

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