Posted: November 26th, 2013

1. Define and outline the main features of globalization. Explain the connection between economic liberal ideas and globalization. Which of the three mainstream IPE perspectives (or combination of perspectives) about globalization do you agree with most? Explain why.
2. Explain how OELs and HILs are similar and different in terms of values, ideas and policies. Which do you favor? Explain.
3. Compare and contrast Marx’s and Lenin’s views of capitalism. How and why did their views differ? Be specific and provide examples.
4. Is there a feminist IPE? Does gender permeate all discussions of IPE
5. If Keynes were alive today how would he interpret the present financial and economic crisis? What are the similarities and differences between the Great Depression and the present-day situation? What do you suppose Keynes would propose the state do about the current crisis?

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