English and Literature

Posted: November 26th, 2013

Writing task: Write a persuasive essay on a specific topic within the realm of media.  Think about what counts as media, a particular medium, or even a device used for delivery and go from there.  You could explore the power of music on society, or look into the message or themes of a particular film and the influence it may have on a specific demographic.  Or, possibly, you are sick of the messages from the nightly “infotainment” broadcasts mixing real news with opinion, agenda and dramatized weather reports (“Storm Watch 2013!” “Excessive Heat Warning!”).  Perhaps the portrayal of women in advertising (or other media) strikes you as inappropriate, damaging, and ignorant.  Maybe you are interested in the newest form of media, mobile media, because you see it used (abused?) nearly everywhere you go, which may excite or frustrate you as you submerge yourself into (try to adapt to?) a new, inwardly-focused generation/society constantly fidgeting with portable electronic gadgets.  Does the concept of newspapers no longer existing interest, worry, frighten or excite you?  Are you or a loved one addicted to: Social networking? Video games?  Kindle?  iPad?  Can facebook users influence change?  Can going “viral” really make a difference in one’s life (think: Justin Beiber and YouTube)?

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