Erica Komorowski

Posted: November 8th, 2023

Erica Komorowski

The discussion post provides a detailed look at the role of the community health nurse in promoting spiritual health during natural and manmade disasters. Interesting is how the author divides the nurse’s role in accordance to long and short term effects. I am in agreement that the nurse is obligated to integrate spiritual practice into standard medical care during responses to mass casualties. Nurses can provide the necessary planning, leadership and guidance to spiritual figures actively working during disasters (Veenema & Woolsey, 2021). It was common practice for Christian leaders and nuns to assist with spiritual and medical care during the First and Second World Wars. Coordinating with spiritual leaders can enable the community receive ample grieving period. The strategy also provides public health with the timely treatment of the ill and wounded, and laying to rest of the dead. The imminent outcome is enhanced community resilience, which positively adds to chances of optimized recovery.


Veenema, T. G., & Woolsey, C. (2021). Essentials of disaster planning. Springer Publishing.

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