Lilitations of chemotherapy

Posted: July 31st, 2013

Write an essay with the following instructions:

What are the limitations of current cancer chemotherapy and, therefore, what do we need to do better in order to have better drugs?  What do you say to a patient who asks you why chemotherapy generally has unpleasant side effects and why aren’t the scientists doing something about this?

This essay could explore a number of areas. What are the examples of drugs that are far from ideal, and why is this. Are there more modern, better treatments that work well with minimal side effects? If so, why is this and can these properties be transferred to generate new drugs? Are combination therapies the way forward, or do these too have limitations?  What roles do disease heterogeneity and “personalized medicine” play?  What is the interplay with other treatments including surgery and radiation therapy?  There are many other areas that you can think of.

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