Posted: November 21st, 2013

What is the best ethical system?
Is it necessary to have universal ethical principles?
What are the fundamental principles of ethics?
What is the good life and how does one achieve it?
Is ethics natural or learned behavior?
What is an ethically bad life? How do we know?
How do humans differentiate between good and bad in the realm of ethics?
Do ethical actions have value apart from the outcomes of those actions?
Are humans free or determined, and how does this perspective relate to human responsibility?

What can humans know for certain and how can they justify that they actually know what they think they know?
What are the limits of human perception and cognition?
What is the relationship between scientific knowledge and other types of knowledge?
What are the limits of skepticism?
What are the differences between the mind and the brain?
What is the best epistemological argument and explanation of how humans perceive their worlds?
How did human consciousness emerge and where is it headed?

Is proof for the existence of God necessary?
Which argument for the existence of God is strongest? Why?
Can one be moral and not believe in God?
Are science and religion in conflict?
Can God’s omniscience and human free will be reconciled?
Is there a rational argument for atheism?

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