Posted: November 26th, 2013

After identifying the basic ideals of Progressivism by using the primary source documents in 1912 and the Power of Progressivism, analyze and compare the positions and philosophies of William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson regarding America’s roles in World affairs and in the purpose and goals of American participation in foreign wars and diplomacy and then evaluate whether America’s global actions in the 20th and early 21st Century are consistent with the ideals of Progressivism, whether they have been more consistent with Bryan’s, T. Roosevelt’s, or Wilson’s philosophies, which of these men’s philosophies you most agree with, and whether America would have been “better” or “more effective” in having pursued a different path over the past century and a quarter and why. You should focus on primary sources you discover in your research as well as those contained in 1912 and the Power of Progressivism as your primary evidence in your analysis of Progressivism and of Bryan’s, T. Roosevelt’s, and Wilson’s positions and make certain to analyze the context and scope of America’s actions fully (wars, diplomacy, relations) over the entire course of the period contained within the question (ca. 1881-present) to provide the most complete analysis possible.

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