Posted: November 7th, 2023

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Response One

Hello Morgan, thank you for your contribution to this week’s discussion. I find it interesting how you identified different academic and public writing approaches based on the author’s personality and writing style. I agree with Pryal Cho that public writing should be guided by the how and why. The approach allows the author to be more specific regarding societal issues. I would add that public writing requires a strict focus on facts to increase its persuasive appeal. Control is not the only focus point, as the writer has to be detailed and concise to ensure quality work. As your post highlights, there is a larger responsibility to be accurate and reliable in writing. Misinforming the public could have adverse implications at the personal and institutional levels. Public writing has to contribute to some societal issue or face a certain degree of open criticism.

Response Two

Hello Yadav, I find your contribution to this week’s discussion to be broad and informative. I find it interesting that you define public writing as more technical and demanding of the writer than academic writing. I agree that the public should not influence the writer’s approach in public writing. However, to negate all external influences is impossible given that you are writing regarding a topic that affects society. Engaging in public debates is a good way to start your public writing journey, but I argue that practice makes perfect. No amount of oral discussions or political debating can substitute for actual public or academic writing. Lastly, I feel you made a highly important point where you state public and academic writers should not fault or get frustrated over their work being edited. Editing is part of the writing journey, and it helps a person become a better writer.

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