The Characterization of Female Science Fiction Writers as Fantasy Writers

Posted: November 19th, 2013

The research paper requires you to formulate an academic argument based on the general issues that we have covered in our class discussions and required readings.  It is up to you in what direction you will take your research, but you must formulate a claim that is your own and find credible evidence to support your claim.  I hope you will pursue a line of inquiry that is particularly interesting to you, since fascination is the engine for good academic inquiry.  Your argument must be clear and persuasive.  You must also address other critical sources that both further develop and complicate your inquiry.  This paper will put into practice your skills of summary, analysis, and synthesis in order to draw your claim from a larger field of knowledge, analyze the knowledge you have gained effectively, and summarize your sources — where necessary — to integrate them into the paper.  For your final draft you MUST highlight all revisions and turn in a cover letter describing the revisions you made to your final draft

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