board games

Posted: June 15th, 2022

Background Research
As part of this project, each group member will research one type of game, such that each group
member researches a different game type (card games, dice games, board games, computer games, etc.)
and is expected to be able to describe how mathematics and probability are involved in at least one
full page of the technical report and must be discussed in the final presentation. Each of the background
research sections will be submitted individually prior to the final due date of the project, and combined
for the final report.
Google Scholar is an excellent resource for finding journal articles and conference proceedings. It is expected that each
member find at least 3 sources that are cited in their individual background portion, and at least one of
these sources has to be from a journal article or conference proceedings. This journal paper or conference
proceeding should discuss using mathematics and probability with your chosen game type (card games,
dice games, board games, console/PC/Mac games, etc.) You must briefly discuss this journal
article/conference proceeding in your individual background research and combine this with other group
members into your final technical report background research section

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