Political Science

Posted: August 23rd, 2022

The essay is divided into two parts but should be written as a single coherent piece of work – i.e. an introduction and a conclusion that relate to both parts. The body of the essay may be structured into two sections, but better essays will establish connections between the two sections.


Part 1

With particular reference to the institutions, processes and conventions of Cabinet Government in New Zealand, assess the extent to which, in terms of its adherence to Westminster principles and practices, New Zealand’s status has moved from being ‘more Westminster than Westminster’ to that of an ‘outlier’. You should use the five-part definition of ‘Westminster’ proposed by Rhodes and Weller (2005).

Part 2

Looking at the period since (and including the result of) the 2017 election, assess the extent to which what has occurred over that period either supports or rebuts the assertion that New Zealand operates with a Westminster system of government.

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