24 Hours News Reporting

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





24 Hours News Reporting

The media is a massive tool that is used in the conveyance of diverse information. The newspaper and television are agents of the media. These agents place different amounts of time in the coverage of the different issues in the society. This report will bring out the coverage of health issues from the Canarsie Courier newspaper and HLN Television channel. The report was done from 23 February 2011 coverage. The core subject was health and aging issues.

The Canarsie Courier did coverage on the approval of creating a facility for the disabled (Davidson, 3). It was to be set up in a marine park. The column with the article covered an eighth of the page. On the cover page, a story was done concerning firefighters who sustained injuries after a fire breakout (Rodgers, front page). The newspaper also covered the issue of the effects of nuclear tragedies on the human health (Rodgers, 5). The article covered an entire page. The paper also had a section where the readers submitted their letters concerning various issues. In this particular issue, a reader had written about the effects of littering on the environment and the health of members of the society (Muslim, 2). A couple of advertisements conveyed messages on child trafficking, medical coverage for the retired and unemployed, and herbal medicine.

HLN dedicated an hour towards a program called Dr. Drew. The 9-10 pm show involved Dr. Drew Pinsky who talked about various health issues and their remedies. The show, HLN Special Report revisited the Obama’s 2010 Health Bill. The program looked at the implementation of the law. This segment of the show was aired for an hour. Dr. Drew also receives airplay from midnight until 1am. Apart from this, there was also an advertisement on a home for the aged. The advertisement was aired five times during the day. The advert was three minutes long. The show hosted by Nancy Grace also addressed the legal rights of those infected with HIV/AIDS. The host carried out interviews with human rights activists who gave some insight on the subject matter. The program ran for an hour and received replay from 10pm until 11pm.

The data used in the reporting was gotten form various sources. The main sources were the primary. This involved direct viewing and reading. Apart from the primary sources, secondary sources were used to capture information that was missed. The HLN official website that I accessed on 24 February provided information on the shows that aired late. The Canarsie Courier provided adequate information for the newspaper report.

The presentation of this information concerning health and aging was different depending on the medium. HLN used presentation methods like interviews, brainstorming, discussions and demonstration. The advertisement on the old age home demonstrated some of the ways that are used in the home to ensure the comfort of their clients. The interview between Nancy Grace and the advocates allowed the audience to receive information on the legal rights of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. In the newspaper, narration is used.

The total airtime given towards the subject matter, health and aging, was five hours and fifteen minutes. Shows took five hours while the advertisements took the rest of the time. The information on the newspaper concerning health and aging covered about two and a half pages.





Nancy Grace

2 hours

Dr. Drew

2 hours

HLN Special Report

1 hour


15 minutes


5 hours 15 minutes

















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