Posted: August 6th, 2013

Consumer Behavior MS60007E FINAL Assignment Resit – 2011-12

• How can mobile marketers make use of behavioral learning theory to improve their marketing?

In essence, behavioral learning theory is described as a psychological approach used to evaluate the behavior of an element or subject by study of the acting, thinking and feelings exhibited by an individual or subject. Hence, a study of a specific market segment with the use behaviorism is an adequate approach to understanding the needs, characteristics of a market for the production of a relevant product for the market (CANT, 2006, pp. 25). Thus, behaviorism provides ample information in terms of the strategies to be used for entry and survival within a specific market.

The mobile market is considered as one of the largest-if not the largest-consumer markets in the world due to the number of mobile users around the world. Thus this large numbers, which are increasing significantly on a daily basis, pose as a lucrative market for an entity in existence within the market or one striving for entry into the market (BLYTHE, 1997, pp. 31). In marketing, the sale or transaction for a commodity materializes when a customer exercises a behavior such as purchase of basic commodities or luxuries if need arises. However, for actual exercise of behavior in purchasing a product a marketer must understand the needs of the consumer. Understanding the needs of the consumer enable him to form an approach in the marketing strategy. This also applies to those responsible for the research and eventual development of the product. This is aimed at ensuring actual satisfaction of the needs of the consumer when making such a purchase (SOLOMON, 2011, 34).


In addition value addition is essential as part of innovation. This is because when a consumer aims at making a purchase decision he or she puts into consideration the various features in a mobile phone and compares such with other mobile phones. Eventually any consumer will pick up a product with a benefit compared to other identical products within the market. Increasing involvement of a consumer’s involvement in making their purchases could be through identification of the needs posed by a consumer market such as connectivity, data abilities of a mobile phone and weight or bulkiness of a mobile phone (REYNOLDS, & OLSON, 2001).


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