A Critic of Kazol’s Ordinary Resurrection

Posted: August 14th, 2013

A Critic of Kazol’s Ordinary Resurrection



A Critic of Kazol’s Ordinary Resurrection

            In chapter six, Kozol presents the resentment in Lucia. When asked about God’s power she does not recognize His supremacy over all creation. She limits His power to making hearts. Because of the hardship she and her family were undergoing, she had lost faith in God’s provision and protection. The disease afflicting her grandmother symbolizes the hardship. In addition, Kozol draws attention to the absence of a man figure. Society views Men as heads, protectors and providers. In this chapter, Lucia’s father is absent, and her grandfather is dead. This symbolizes the absence of protection, provision and leadership. Her grandmother’s fall to the ground depicts the place of women in society, thus a low place.

Chapter 7 presents a generous side of the able society. At St. Anne’s, a group of ‘lucky’ girls benefit from the generosity of this institution. In the book, Katrice’s daughter says, “…..there are many hungry children in this neighborhood who never have enough to eat and we are blessed to have enough to give you….” (Kozol, 2000, p. 83). The author titles the chapter ‘Things As They Are’. This presents an opinionated reality that the immigrants were entirely dependent on the able in society even for their basic needs. He contrasts the organization and the disorganization in the two societies. At the beginning of the chapter, he shows us the punctuality at St. Anne’s, the institution funded by the generosity of the able and the unruly nature of the poor immigrant children.

The hopelessness of the black children at St. Anne’s is eminent in Chapter 8. With the absence of their stronger brothers to encourage them, they look to female students who come to give them hope. Even the author who is a male could not play this role rather is only at St. Anne’s to document. He even cannot identify with the discouragement and hopelessness of the girls when asked as he finds it hard to answer. The title of the chapter perhaps signifies the giving back of life to the once dead hope in the girls. The disadvantage of women in society shows in this excerpt. This is shown by the author by drawing the readers attention to the knowledge of the female students on the evidently existent gender issues. The males take a back role in the regular visits to the church to get to know the girls.

Chapter 9 shows poor health and education services available to the immigrant communities living in the south. The quality of Language is poor. For instance, when Piedad answers about how many people she saw at the hospital by saying “almost a lot of people”. (Kozol, 2000, p. 109). This is a clear indication that her education system was not proper. A proper education system would equip her with correct grammar. As well, the health services to this unlucky community are substandard and crowded. Asthma requires an immediate response. Even with this urgency, Piedad still had to wait the whole night for her brother to get medical attention. She explains the crowded nature of this facility, a reality that was not in the north.

In Susanna Medina’s ‘Sterilized against their will’, the women are treated as though they do not own their bodies. The government forces sterilization on their bodies without consulting them. Some undergo tubal ligation contrary to their will. This is a depiction of the powerlessness of a lower class group. The lower class suffers under the dictates of an able society. The dormant role of men also emerges. Men could also undergo vasectomy, but the government chose to cut the fallopian tubes on women. Both Kazol’s book and Medina’s article portray the inequality of social classes in society. As well, the dormant and absentee role of men while women continue to suffer is depicted.

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