a highlight of my adolescence

Posted: October 17th, 2013





An unforgettable event greatly shook me and changed my perspective on people in authority. It all started in the year 1999, I was 17years old, a highlight of my adolescence, filled with so much energy, and I fell into the wrong company both at school and at home. My life was just about having fun and living for the moment. At such an age, I had not yet experienced life and its tribulations and so I did things, bad things, to the extremes thinking that because I had no one to answer to, I could do anything. I had little regard for any person that I considered was above me, like my schoolteachers, the police and my seniors in school. It came to appoint that I would even disregard my own parents in every aspect regardless of the teachings and the Christian upbringing they had given me. In class, I was leading in the bullying efforts. I was so rude to my teachers to a point that I assaulted one of them; I was later suspended from school for the assault. Luckily, the teacher did not pursue any legal redress against my indecent conduct, this meant that if it were not for his forgiving nature I would have found myself in a juvenile correctional facility and maybe later transferred to a maximum prison after attaining maturity age.

In the conduct of my mischief, I happened to have one of the most traumatizing experiences in my entire life. It was during the festive season, life was bustling with activities as people did their final preparations in anticipation of the Christmas festivities. I was in the company of my friends with whom we were extremely fond of causing mayhem. In addition, we were causing harm to people by stealing from them. I had taken for granted my mother’s efforts to give me the best education that she could give. Instead, I had gotten into trouble numerous times without even taking into consideration the hard work and love she had displayed by giving me a proper education, which is very expensive in the current age. Her relentless efforts to teach me about life, things that could not be taught in an ordinary classroom, had been lost as I opted to do the opposite of what she had taught me.

This rowdy behavior continued for several weeks on end. However, on a particular day, while we were out conducting what we knew best, unluckily, we were intercepted by the police. Due to the level of damage we had done, we were taken to the police station for further interrogations. This was the beginning of my tribulations, I began making frantic calls home thinking my parents would come and help me. However, this was not the case as they instructed the police to let me stay in remand for some time and learn from my mistakes. The food in remand was horrible and could only befit a wild animal. The environment was very hostile due to lack of the certain privileges that we take for granted in our homes, in addition, some characters made life unbearable due to their endless harassments. While in remand, I reflected on what I wanted to do with my life. I recalled the numerous times I had disregarded my superiors and the night guard, whom I had dismissed as just an old man who did not have an idea of what life was all about. This was one of the most valuable experiences that I have ever had, as it made me realize I was going through this due to my disregard for all those people who had authority in their own respective fields of work, and lack of respect for the different levels of authority especially concerning my parents.

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