A King for a Day

Posted: October 17th, 2013





A King for a Day

If I were made a king with absolute power for a day in the United States, I would change the accessibility and affordability of fast foods in our country. In America, it seems easier for us to buy and consume fast foods, than it does to grow our own foods in the garden. Fast foods are cheaper and readily available compared to healthy foods. They are found on the streets, in hotels and the homes. This makes it easier for people to eat fast foods, rather than eating healthy balanced meals. The ease of fast food accessibility has also encouraged laziness in the kitchen, despite the invention, innovation, and development of kitchen gadgets aimed at making tasks easier in the kitchen. People can just order meals from the hotels, to be delivered to their doors when they do not feel like cooking. As king, I would encourage people to live a healthy life by learning how to grow their own foods in their homes, and make this food in their kitchens. I would encourage people with large farms to grow food for consumption for the sake of those who do not have their own farms. I believe that this would be better than growing corn and other cereals on a large scale, only for them to be used as animal feeds and sources of fuel, while Americans continue to eat junk food, and I would establish a law to that effect.

The consumption of junk food in the country has contributed to the health challenges that Americans continue to face. The country has one of the highest rates of obesity, and one of the reasons for this is that Americans eat many different types of fast foods. The consumption of junk foods has contributed to an increase in conditions such as obesity, which has in turn led to other problems such as increased chances of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, and increased psychological problems. Overweight and obese people face many challenges, among them, the insults they have to endure from people, and the humiliation they feel when they are single out in a crowd or group because of their weight. Although there are other factors, such as inactivity and hereditary factors, which contribute to increase in weight, I believe that eating fast foods is the major contributor of weight issues in the country. Sick people do not contribute anything to the nation, and they make the nation go backwards since they do not contribute to any development. It is a sad thing for a country when its young people die at an early age. As king with absolute power, I would ensure that people limit their intake of junk foods, to ensure that they live healthy and productive lives.

There are many fast food outlets in the country and their success and profitability is an indication of how much Americans like taking junk food. The many fast foods adverts on television, most of which are directed at children, are an indication of how much the companies are willing to spend to ensure that they remain collecting revenues from their sales. On the other hand, few people are involved in farming activities. Many young people do not know about farming, and they do not know what constitutes healthy meals. Given the chance of being a king for a day, I would change all this by ensuring that people have all the information they need so that they can lead healthier lives. Although there have been several changes in the fast food industry, which are aimed at making them healthier, I believe that much can be done to limit the availability of fast foods. I would increase the taxes paid by the fast food companies, and make sure that fast foods are more expensive than healthier meals. This would limit the number of people who are buying fast foods. I would encourage farmers by cutting down their production expenses, which would in turn cut down the prices of foods in the market. I would make it illegal for schools to stock and sell fast foods and drinks. I would also ensure that children do not take fast foods to school. This would limit the opportunities that children and students get to eat fast foods.

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