A Memorable Safari to Africa

Posted: August 7th, 2013





A Memorable Safari to Africa

            Learning and experiencing new things can be both terrifying and exciting at the same time. This realization occurred to me when my parents said that our winter vacation would be spent in Africa, This was a surprise to me since we always traveled to the Caribbean since my aunt lived there. My parents seemed excited about this trip, but I was not at all looking forward to it. The continent was depicted in such bad light, and I wondered why they had selected this place out of the other several probable destinations. The flight was uneventful, and I took the time to read the brochures that my parents had concerning our destination. This was sure to be an unforgettable vacation, and I tried to convince myself that I would enjoy it.

Our vacation was to take place in “the serene and beautiful country of Kenya” as the brochures described it. I tried to remain optimistic that the experience would not be as bad as the news clips aired on CNN about the violence that occurs in this country only a few years back. I could not help but wish that something could happen that would make us cancel the trip, but evidently, it was too late for that. “Please put your seatbelts back on as we are about to land…” This comment disrupted my train of thought as it dawned on me that this was the beginning of my nightmare. However, I had to smile to avoid disappointing my parents since they took a lot of their time to plan this holiday.

The skies were a brilliant blue color, and there was a gentle breeze that made the trees sway gently as if in rhythm. The weather was warm and the air smelt fresh, this was something I was not accustomed to and I liked it! Our hotel was a colossal and magnificent building with white washed building. It had a beautiful garden lined with many varieties of flowers that smelled divine. Our tour guide told us that this place was called Nakuru, and it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire country. Since it had been a long trip, we decided to rest for a while but wake up in time for dinner. We retired to our different rooms after this. My room was a large room that had a large window facing what looked like a large lake with a pink lining. The furniture in the room was exquisite and has an antique feeling to them.

My favorite piece was the dressing table that was made from pine, and it looked beautiful. I did some unpacking and rested for a while. After about three hours, my mother called me and told me to meet them for dinner. Apart from some of the meals on the menu being foreign to me, I enjoyed the meal immensely. The sound of rhythmic drums attracted me outside where I found several people watching some dancers. Their vigor and costumes captivated me so I joined the group of people, and after their performance; they were accorded a large round of applause and even some money. As I walked down the brilliantly lit corridor to my room, I wondered why this side of Africa was never illustrated. Why did they only focus on the negatives and ignore the numerous positives the continent had? As I retreated to my bed for the night, I was excited about the plans made for the next day.

Piercing rays of sunlight awoke me from my slumber. The room was brightly lit and was very warm. Pulling the curtains exposed the most beautiful sunrise I had seen in my life. It was just like an animated drawing or one of the works of art that hung on the walls of the museum. I prepared myself and joined my parents for breakfast. This day was dedicated to a visit to the national park and the lake. However, since it was difficult to see the animals during the day, we decided to visit the lake. After a short bumpy drive, we arrived at our destination. Just as I had seen in my room, the lake looked enormous, and it still had the pink lining. I tried to figure out what the lining was but to no avail. As we walked towards the lake, the tour guide explained the different species of trees and flowers.

He also explained the beliefs that the local community had concerning the origin of the lake. Out of curiosity, I asked what the pink lining was. The guide and some other tourists burst into laughter, I was embarrassed by this and the guide seemed to have noticed, he said “Pardon me miss, in response to your question, you will find out shortly.” At the shore of the lake, I finally discovered what the lining was made up of; they looked so attractive and magnificent as they swam in the water. This sight brought back the memories of one of my favorite childhood storybooks. The graceful long necks and bright pink bodies seemed so familiar. The pink lining as I called it was comprised of flamingoes.

They were so many, and they spread out far into the lake. We took several pictures but had to leave for lunch back at the hotel. On my way back to the hotel I finally understood why one should not judge a book by its cover. This is because Kenya had gained a lot of negative publicity and I judged it on that basis alone. However, I had realized that much more was left undiscovered. Kenya was a beautiful country and this vacation was going to be unforgettable. I was eager to retell the story to my friends what I had seen. My mind set was completely changed after this and I looked forward to enjoying every moment I had left of the vacation.

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