A reflection paper on the novel crime and punishment

Posted: August 12th, 2013





Reflection on Crime and Punishment

Individuals who have committed crime carry the burden of guilt, and this makes them do things that they would not ordinarily do. This is especially the case when they have not experienced any consequences for their action. They become especially good to others, and they offer their services, and even material possessions to help others. Such individuals feel the need to perform good and charitable works as a way of compensating. They feel that they are compensating for the crimes they have committed. They feel that by doing good works, they will find repose after the sins they have committed. To some people who have committed crime, being arrested gives them a sense of relief, and they feel that they can finally rest their minds from worry. They feel that they will finally have what they deserve, and they feel the burden of guilt lifted from off of them. after his crimes, Raskonikov not only battles with the psychological effects of the crime he has committed, but he also does good deeds and he offers to help the people he encounters who are in need.

“What do you think, would one crime be wiped out by thousands of good deeds” (45)? Raskonikov overheard these words as a student and an officer were talking. The student was describing the benefits that would occur if one committed the single crime of killing an old wealthy woman who only lived for herself, and giving the money to the young people who had many things to look forward to in their lives. Ultimately, these words, would define Raskonikov’s behavior after he committed crime by killing the women. Raskonikov did not have any money and he experienced a lot of suffering because of this. He lacked something to eat, and he would often go hungry. Yet, after committing crime, he sought for people to help. He helped the young girl who had to work as a prostitute to help her family. Previously, Raskonikov alienated himself from people. He led a quiet life, which reflected his quiet nature. After he commits crime, he changes as he begins interacting with different people. He manages to secure Sofia’s friendship, and this gives him the moral support that he needs, and the opportunity to tell the truth.

It is important to consider the guilty conscious of a person today. This is because it might be the person’s way of communicating. The person might want to reveal all that he has done, but he or she faces difficulties, which act as limitations. Studying the nature and behavior of individuals is necessary. This enables one to determine any changes in behavior, which the person might be portraying. Some people feel drawn towards the areas or situations of their crimes. For instance, someone who has committed crimes such as abusing children will be drawn towards working with the children. The intention might not be to harm the children or to cause further injury, but the person feels that there is something that he has to pay for, since he or she hurt a child. Some child molesters continue looking for vacancies in areas such as schools, or in other areas where there are children. Many companies and institutions take the initiative of performing background checks on their employees to avoid such incidences. The society should consider a person’s behavior, but for it to do so, it should first know the initial behavior of the person. This will enable the people to determine the cause of the changes.




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