Abortion in USA

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Abortion in USA

The United States of America legalized abortion after a prolonged controversy. There are people who agreed with the house’s decision but some still grumble. I feel this is an important issue to address. The legalization of this action has brought consequences that should not be acceptable in the society. The women who commit abortion could be our sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces, daughters or cousins. This means that this issue affects all the members of the society. It does not matter whether an individual is religious or not. Everyone should be mindful about life of an unborn child. It is innocent and has a right to life like everyone else. The mother may also suffer abortion repercussion, which might last her lifetime. For the people who believe in religion, it is evil to take away innocent life. I feel that this law should be abolished and only allowed at life threatening cases.

This issue became controversial because of many reasons. Some were social, economic, religious and even political. The side opposing legalization was mainly religious people and humanitarians. They argued that religion forbids taking any ones life. They believe it should be their life giver who owns that mandate (Francome, 2004). Therefore, after conception, there is life and it should be allowed to grow. After gestation period, the child should be born and raised well. As for the humanitarians, they argue that everyone has the right to live including the unborn. This is why they should be allowed to live. Denial of their right to live will lead to court cases. It is very unfair for them to be undermined since they cannot speak for themselves. These two groups added that terminating the life of an unplanned baby is punishing it. It suffers the sins of it parents. Legalization of abortion has increased carelessness among couples. They are not keen on practicing safe sex. Some could be reasoning that even though they get pregnant they are free to terminate it.

The proposing side presented their reasons. To begin with, they disagreed with religious people about life of the unborn. They said that it is not possible to determine when life of an infant exactly begins. They argued that abortion illegalization of abortion has brought many unbearable negative effects (Tatalovich, 1997). They include economically socially and politically. The women who get unplanned babies are not ready to raise them. Mostly they are unready because they cannot afford the baby. If such women would be forced to give birth to these babies, they will make them suffer. They could end up being a burden to others, hence negative effect on the economy. The women who will not stay with their babies will either dump them or give them away to children’s homes. In future, such babies will be too many comparing to the capacity of orphanages.

The government will also have a burden because of such children. Those who will grow on the streets might end up being gangsters or continue living desperate lives. Another major reason was illegalizing abortion encouraged back door abortions. The legislators considered this risky because most of the women did not use safe methods. Most of them went to quakes and they resulted to serious problems and even death. Abortion has become a controversy and a problem to nations because of the consequences of legalizing it and illegalizing it. Other reasons include pregnancies from rape cases. It was concluded that a woman might never recover from a rape ordeal if she delivers a baby from a rape case. This is to add to the rest of the consequences of an unplanned baby. Precisely, the proposers were not considerate about religious beliefs or human rights. They just focused on other factors.

Since people have the freedom of expression and opinion, they do talk about this issue. Unfortunately, nothing is implemented because the legislators have not seen the need to discuss it again. People should continue talking about it until it qualifies to be reviewed in the house. It does not matter how people argue to support abortion (Francome, 2004). The baseline is it not justified to kill an innocent life because it also deserves to live. Unless the pregnancy endangers the life of a mother, abortion should not be an option. When it becomes illegalized, people will learn to practice safe sex. There are so many methods of avoiding pregnancy so there should not be cases of unplanned babies.

If people become silent about this issue, abortion will continue to be done in very huge numbers. According to statistics, the abortion rate in America is alarming. It increases as time goes on. Almost half of pregnancies in American women are unplanned. In every ten pregnancies, four are aborted without any medical reasons. When miscarriages are not included, twenty-two percent of pregnancies result to termination. Forty percent of unplanned pregnancies are from white women, African American women get sixty seven percent and Hispanics who get are about fifty-three percent. The most recent statistics are in 2008, where 1.21 million abortions were performed.

This was a decreased figure from the one in 2000, which was 1.31 million. From 1973 to 2008 only fifty million legal and justified abortions were performed. Between 2005 and 2008, there was an unstable decline but through the years. Although the rate of abortion has decreased, the figures are still alarming and need to reduce far much more. In every year, two percent of women who are between the ages of 15-44 experience an abortion (Krieg, 2007). It is estimated that about half have ever had one in the past and half of women in America are expected to have undergone one by the age of forty-five years. This issue of abortion should be discussed in college classrooms by all the students. The highest percentage of abortion cases are from young women. Discussing about this topic will enable all the students to understand this issue and its consequences. Some women do it and they end up barren or with other complications. Abortion is not a solution; the only solution is safe sex.



















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