Accounting Unit 3 Individual Project

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Accounting Unit 3 Individual Project

Manufacturing     Purchasing    
Direct labor


  Direct labor




  Overhead costs




  Direct material






Question 2          
sales price per pair


target sales


binding price per pair


total purchase


binding costs when bindings are purchased


gross profit


net profit


Maximum purchase price


Question 3          
manufacturing     Purchasing    
Sales volume


  Sales volume




  Binding cost per pair


Total  costs for manufacturing


  Other costs per pair


      Total costs




Question 4

            One important factor they should consider is the quality of the bindings. The company should compare manufactured bindings to purchased bindings. They should choose the better quality. Another significant factor is time consumed in manufacturing the bindings. If too much time is consumed in manufacturing the bindings, the compare should purchase them. This will increase productivity of the workers, since the saved time will be used in other areas of production (Hogget et al, 2008). It is also vital for the company to collect views and opinions from customers. They should greatly contribute to the choice of the bindings to be used on the skis.


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