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Activity 1a

The three advertisements identified are

  • Emeritus Senior Living whose roles include providing a positive physical environment for residents, setting tables, bussing tables washing dishes, and cleaning duties.
  • Wycwyre whose roles include serving food and beverages to guests, setting up and busing tables, seating guests and answering phones, communicating with other staff members, practice and monitor food safety procedures in accordance with health among other roles. In general, the waiter will have the role of serving and processing orders as well as other roles and maintaining a good environment in a professional conduct.
  • Cherry Ridge is the third advertisement whose roles include setting and cleaning tables, following guidelines sets by the station, maintaining dining room up to standard and serving all tables with all courses. In addition, the person speaks in a friendly manner to the residents.

Activity 1b

Considering the three advertisements for wait staff, my preferred role among the three job roles is the Wycwyre advertisement.  What makes the role more appealing is the fact that it has more diversified roles, which make the job description bigger. In addition, it has a busier environment than the others have, as well as gives demanding responsibilities. Some of the factors that influence my decisions are the span of the job, where the Wycwyre has a bigger job description that offers more challenges. Organizations can attract the right staff for recruitment using job advertisement. This can be done through a good job analysis describing the right person for the job in terms of traits and qualification, advertising in the right places such as in magazines specialized to certain industries. For instance, it would better to advertise wait jobs in hospitality magazines.

Activity 2a

Assuming to be a human resource manager in a company that seeks to be the best in accounting in Asian pacific, several implications would arise from this mission statement. One of the implications to recruitment would be recruiting only the most highly specialized staff. To be the best in the accounting industry, it will require having the best staff. This will mean recruiting and selecting the best through posting attractive job adverts. In terms of training and development, the mission statement would require the company to engage in continuous training and developing of staff members on the new arising concept of their service to remain up to date and competitive  in business. In order to attract the best staff, as the human resource, it will require giving a very attractive remuneration that will attract the best and most experienced staff. More so, considering the staff might be working in other companies.

Activity 3a

Written procedures should be in place to help the staff and students in dealing with situations that arise. For an absenteeism of students, some policies have to be put in place. The title can be Absenteeism and Attendance Policy. The schools position on this matter is that a student must have attended not less than 75% of the course classes in order to be eligible for tasking exams. This should be determinant in moving to the next course level. The school also holds that a student shall only be absent on an ailment period, and any other genuine reason as per school administration stipulation. The policy can be applied through checking the register of each class to find out the amount of time a student has been absent and their excuse.

Activity 3b

One way of communicating the new organizational policies is providing the employee with written copies of the policies, which they are required to sign after reading and understanding. Another way is through posting, where the employer posts the policies in one place where all employees can access them. Intranet posting is yet another method, where the employees receive them through the company intranet. Distribution of emails is yet another method of communicating new policies. Other methods include during meetings, training, and through handbooks.

Activity 3c

One of the policies identified include hiring policies, that states the agency contracted must provide an accommodation for people with disabilities upon request during the hiring process. It also suggests hiring should be free of discrimination based on gender, race, color, ethnicity and national origin. A standard of conduct is another policy that states employee must fulfill the set standards. The final policy is on equal employment opportunity that states all must be given an equal playfield as deemed right by the law, without favoring a particular group.

Some of the similarities between these policies are that their wording is simple to understand, where there are no too technical terms. Another similarity is that they are a little e long sentences with many clauses joined by comas. In terms of objectives, they aim at stating exactly what is expected of the people affected by these rules. The policies address those involved in hiring such as agencies and employers, except for the standard of conduct that also addresses employees.

Activity 4a

The senior management is the one involved in ensuring company policies are in congruent with the mission and vision of the company. In addition, the senior management is supposed to be in a position to account for policies made since they affect decision-making. Moreover, the senior management has more influence when it comes to implementing policies, making it important in policymaking.  

Activity 4b

The policy o hiring and recruitment is effective in preventing any kind of discrimination during hiring where no person should be treated different from others based on their color. the policy also helps in giving all people an equal opportunity despite any differences since it also provides a chance for the disabled, and during recruitment, it states that only qualification should be considered. One thing that could be improved about this policy is including details of what can lead to discrimination or lack of equal opportunity for all.

Activity 5a

One of the internal factors that affect planning for future staffing is potential retirements or positions that might be vacated soon in order to replace them. Another factor could be the turnover of the workers every year, which indicates the number of people who left the organization. Some of the external factors that can affect in planning for future needs of an organization are technological advancements that could mean need for new staff with knowledge of the emerging technology. Another factor is labor unions that set certain requirements, forcing organizations to make changes that might not be planned. This involves assessing the whole industry and changes taking place.

Activity 5b

In case a, there are two implication for planning for the staffing, one being the need to fit the training within the time frame provided as well as ensuring training of all the trainees. Another implication has to plan the distribution plan of the trainees in all the stores. In the second case, b, the planning implications are the need to recruit the required personnel in the shortest time possible. The other implication is the need to train them in time before the tender is due for commencement. In the third case, the implications are the need to change the motivation technique for the workers. The other implication is planning a change in the job description, rotation and significance.

Activity 6a

  1. What is the role of the section under which the worker is working
  2. What is your role in the section you work for?
  3. What are the objectives of your job?
  4. What tasks and duties do you undertake in your daily work to achieve the objectives?
  5. Are there other roles on the side that you undertake
  6. What kind of equipments and materials do you work with
  7. Are the objectives met at the end of the day?

Activity 6b

Some of the information that I can gather concerning a role by observing the workers in a restaurant is the time taken to complete the tasks, what are the most repeated duties and the amount of time they take. Considering the wait staff, I can gather information on what his duties are, what leads to his duties or the interdependency of the role to others.

Activity 6c

From some the observations in the activity 6c, the following job description can be made concerning the role

  • Bussing, clearing, cleaning and setting tables
  • Greeting guests warmly and sitting them in a table
  • Taking orders from the guests and processing them in a professional way
  • Serving the guests with the processed orders in all main courses and beverages
  • Communicating with other staff members for seamless flow of work and ensuring teamwork.

Activity 6c

Person specification

Qualified people are those with knowledge of full course dining and beverages, a person who can work well in a team, ad one who is physically fit to stand for long hours.

Activity 9a

Selection criteria

Qualifications: a diploma in any field related to catering, a degree would be an added advantage, experience in a busy environment as a wait staff, technical writing knowledge.

Attributes: a friendly person, oriented to service offering, flexible and adaptive to new ideas, and professionalism

Skills: good communication skills, team builder, cleaning skills and problem solving skills to help guests

Activity 9b

Direct discrimination occurs when a person treats is treated less than others just because of their color, gender, nationality amongst others. An example is refusing to hire a qualified person for the wait job because of their nationality. Indirect discrimination occurs when a certain rule is put in place, but disadvantages a certain group even though it might not be a requirement. An example is requiring all wait staff to speak certain language even though it is not required

Activity 9c

If I were Rachael, I would ask what the relevance of the question in the job was since I have a right to keep it to myself as long as it is not needed in the job.

This kind of questions raises marital status discrimination, since the question is about relationships and having children.

Activity 10a

Emeritus senior advertisement rates at 6, with a good visual appeal but no detail to job description. Wycwyre ranked at 8, with a fair visual appeal, details to job description and application method, while Cherry Ridge ranks at 7 with a good visual appeal, information on employer but fair in job description.

Activity 10b

Application form

Names ……………………………………….

Address ……………………………………..

Title of position applied for ………………..

Qualifications ………………………………


Activity 11a

One of the implications of having too many applicants applying for the same job is that the management has to interview all of them; hence, they will not take enough time with every interviewee to determine the best for the job.

Activity 11b

The advantage of assigning assessment and selection of new staff to managers and supervisors is that they have knowledge of what they want especially the kind of a person who would fit the vacant position. On the other hand, one of the disadvantages is that managers may and supervisors may not be good when it comes to jobs that are outside their specialization. In addition, they might be inclined to select they one they feel might be good to work with rather than talent.

Activity 11c

  1. I have read about you in your resume, what more would you tell me about yourself.
  2. What do you know about this organization?
  3. Majority of candidate applying for this job are quite qualified, why should we hire you instead of another applicant?
  4. What shall you be doing for the first month if we employ you?

Activity 12a

  1. Nature of the job
  2. recruiting policy
  3. costs of each method
  4. planning by human resource


Activity 13a

            We are hereby glad to inform you of your success in the interview with us. We are glad to inform you that you were selected to be part of the organization, and as you know, you shall be expected to carry yourself with integrity. Congratulations for your success, kindly report to the human resource on 1st of April. We look forward to working with you.

Activity 13b

The organization hereby writes to thank you for taking interest in out advertisement for the wait staff. We are sorry to inform you that you were not selected for the job, but we shall be glad to consider you when another position arises. We kindly thank you for your interest in our organization.

Activity 13c

On of the legal implications of not keeping sufficient data about an employee during recruitment and selection is that one may not have proof of ever employing the person when a legal case occurs such as if an employee committed an offense. There will be need for proof of employment. In addition, this will also help in proving that there was no discrimination during these processes.

Activity 16a

When employees are inducted into the organization, they learn faster

When employees are inducted, they are able to develop teamwork faster

When employees are inducted, they gain confidence of asking questions and cooperating with others

Activity 16b

The supervisors should be in charge of carrying out induction of new employees in the job, since they know about the operations of their area, and will influence the other employees to work with the new employee.

Activity 16c

The importance of following up after induction has already occurred is to find out whether the new staff has fit in the systems as well as the work assigned.










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