Am I my Brother’s Keeper

Posted: November 30th, 2013

Am I my Brother’s Keeper





Am I my Brother’s Keeper

Am I my brother’s keeper is a question; found in the bible, that raises a lot of concern about our responsibilities to others. Many people will think that being their brother’s keeper only means caring for the ones they love and close friends. However, this could have a deeper meaning, suggesting looking out for one another. In terms of human services or social policies, the answer to this question changes. Social policies would mean implementation of policies that look out for all people. Those in the human services should be looking out for all people to ensure their wellness. Social policy is concerned with the wellbeing of people. Human services such as education, healthcare, poverty eradication and security among others are concerned with making life worth living (The University of York, 2012). Consumers of these services seek to be treated well by people concerned about their welfare. Therefore, the answer to the question of a brother’s keeper changes to become that of looking out for the welfare of the people around us or within our society. It means doing nothing that could harm other people.

Being a keeper means keeping something in excellent condition and being aware of its conditions and whereabouts. In social policy terms, this means keeping other people in good conditions, as well as being mindful of their wellbeing all the time. Simply put, it means being responsible for people’s problems. Human services or social policies are supposed to ensure that people are well kept. Social policies can only do this by ensuring that all policies implemented are for keeping people in good conditions, such as health, secure, in better living conditions amongst others (The University of York, 2012). The social policies are aimed at addressing the needs of the people, which is the same as being a keeper.

A keeper is defined as a person who looks after something or takes care of it and ensures its welfare. This means being responsible for whatever it is that one is looking after. It also means an attendant. Therefore, from a social policy perspective, the answer also means taking care of those that one serves. As a zookeeper takes care of the animals in the zoo, so shall the social policy or human services take care of those it serves. Therefore, to be a keeper, a social policy has to be designed to take care of people. This question influences those responsible for making policies and implementing them such as environmental policies to be thinking in terms of what is expedient for the people. If a policy does not ensure better lives to people, then the keeper shall have failed. Therefore, policy makers are not supposed to be thinking of their wellbeing. Rather, they are supposed to be thinking about the people, and being their keepers.

Additionally, to be a keeper means making it our responsibility to help others when they are in need or unable to take care of themselves. Social policies should come to the aid of those without any means to take care of themselves. People should be responsible for others when they are in need. Social policies in terms of being a brother’s keeper are supposed to be concerned with making life more valuable as well as increasing quality. Some of the issues social policy could be concerned with would include addressing the poor, racism, and equality for all people. It also means treating all people equally and striving to make their lives better. Social policies should be concerned about the welfare of the people.

In conclusion, whether social policies are supposed to be a brother’s keeper should be yes. Being a keeper is about minding the welfare of people. Social policies are supposed to be a brother’s keeper since they are concerned with the wellbeing for all people irrespective of their background. This means that people should be responsible for other people and be concerned about their lives. Social policies are about providing welfare to all people, which means they are supposed to be a brother’s keeper. To be a brother’s keeper means to be concerned about the welfare of others. It is about taking care of people around us, and taking their problems to be our problems. Therefore, social policies being charged with people’s wellbeing are supposed to be a brother’s keeper. It is through such policies that people can extend their care to others. Thus, the answer to this question impacts social policies and human services to be more concerned with taking care of people through all means possible.



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