American Cities

Posted: August 12th, 2013






American Cities

American cities have had major changes in terms off population, growth and development. These changes are attributed to factors such as levels of technology, transportation and industrial development. America has undergone a technological revolution over the years and as a result, its cities have undergone tremendous change. New technologies such as digital electronics have permitted information to be transmitted in vast areas cheaply. This revolution has influenced settlement patterns in cities as most people want to live in areas where the level of technology is more developed such as in Washington, DC.

Technology has also led to a major increase in economic activities in cities, thus creating more job opportunities and improving social interaction. Los Angeles, a city in America, has grown because of transportation. It has 70% dependence on road transport, thus having the most developed road infrastructure. Freight, rail and air transport has increased in most American cities. This has led to improvement in economic activities and led to urbanization. However, improvement in transport is believed to have caused air, water and land pollution, which poses as a threat to the population.

The Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century, led to major changes in American cities. The new inventions made life simpler and led to the growth of business enterprises. It led to people moving to cities thus population growth. Factories were replaced by industries, and hand-made tools were now being manufactured, therefore were of higher quality. This led to some cities becoming metropolitan areas. American cities have experienced considerable growth over the last few years and this is due to the afore-mentioned changes. However, the changes have also had their negative effects.

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