An additional essay to explain my circumstances of the ACT scored and GPA of my last year in Highschool

Posted: August 29th, 2013





Application letter

An achiever is what I consider myself to be, and the same would have been reflected in my ACT and GPA scores last year if it was not for the unfortunate turn of events. I was born and raised in Germany where I attended German schools in which I had maintained good and stable grades throughout. Nonetheless, I was a bit fortunate since I was able to speak U.S. English. This is because my father is from the U.S., and through extensive interactions with him over the years, I had been able to pick up the language and could speak it without any accent.

However, it is only last year that I moved to the U.S. together with my family and settled at Dallas Texas where I enrolled in one of the high schools. I was obliged to join a U.S. high school since there were no German schools around. It was a pleasurable experience though different from what I was accustomed to. The environment and people were polite, but still I was faced with many challenges. I knew little American English and this affected my performance drastically. Most of the studies I received were particularly new and the vocabulary was not doing me much good. I was significantly disadvantaged among my peers since I could not grasp most linguistic terms as fast as they did. I, therefore, had difficulties in keeping up with their pace of learning.

With only a year to learn a new language and be tested on it together with other students who have learnt and used the language all their life, I think I did an outstanding job though not as per expectations. Not many in my situation would have achieved my score. I did, however, get counseling for the ACTs and colleges. They assisted me tremendously though the time provided was not sufficient. If I had more time to work on the language, I believe I could have scored much better. Furthermore, my overall scores were much affected since most of the terms used even in Science were in English and quite unfamiliar to me.

On the other hand, I am not complaining entirely. The past year has been a rather interesting journey for me. Learning a new language, culture and values, has given me a lot of exposure that I did not have back in Germany. I have come to like this place more than I expected, and the learning process has been enthralling throughout. I only wish I had a longer time to adjust to the new language because I am sure without a doubt that I would have excelled in my ACT’s. Since then, I have been working on my English skills a lot, and I believe am getting better by the day. The past semester at Sarah Lawrence has been a tremendous experience for me since it has helped me learn so much more.

Getting a chance at your prestigious university would be what I have dreamed of over the years. I would want to plunge myself into your learning environment and attain access to the exceptional learning resources endowed to students at the university. This would serve as an opportunity for me to quench my thirst for more learning especially in the diverse culture and the way of life that is rather impeccable. Most importantly, I am sure I will not have a hard time getting along with other students since my speech is good and accent free. Furthermore, using my native language skills I may be of assistance to German students as I may help them through their study groups to practice in speech and writing.

I do not wish to use my background as an excuse or scapegoat for the bad scores. I only wish to affirm that I am a bright student and the scores do not reflect fully on my true capabilities. If the ACT’s were translated to German, I would have been accepted to the university without any uncertainty. Moreover, my previous performances from schools in Germany can shed light on this. I truly think I deserve a chance in your university as I have been working day and night tirelessly to improve my language and so far, my efforts have been worthwhile.


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