An Ideal Mansion

Posted: November 27th, 2013





An Ideal Mansion

A mansion is a huge house, which is luxuriously designed and it is usually possessed by rich people. In addition, it can be described as a large and elegant house, which is obviously fascinating. A mansion does not have to have a complicated design for it to be attractive. It can have a simple design and look more attractive than anyone would ever imagine. A mansion is usually located in a large piece of land and it could accommodate many people. An ideal mansion brings an ideal lifestyle.

In my perception, an ideal mansion has a variety of elements and components. It should also be built in simplicity as far as the design is concerned. My ideal mansion should be built with a simple design of polygonal dome, which has fifteen sides. It should have a room offside, which is polygonal in shape. It should contain guest rooms and personal utilitarian. Each guest room should be comprised of a beautiful wardrobe, a big bed with cram bedding. All guest rooms should have long flowing white curtains, which should arouse ones interests and appreciation of beauty.

The living room should have furniture that is well made, comfortable and soft. It should be filled with simple accessories and accouterments such as crystal chandeliers. It should have a very attractive big screen TV and a music system. The living room should have a culturally designed clock and artistic wallpapers on nature. Around the TV and the music system, there should be a library of audio infinidiscs.

The kitchen should have well built drawers, shelves and racks where the utensils would be placed. In addition, there should be hooks to hang the cutleries. The kitchen should have a good sink with a good drainage and it should have all the equipment in an ideal kitchen. It should have an executive cooker, refrigerator, microwave, oven, and a toaster among others. An ideal kitchen should be well ventilated and should have a chimney. There should be well maintained restrooms and bathrooms installed with executive sinks, showers and bath tabs. Further, it should be installed with sparkling white sinks and mirrors. To top it up, a beauty room that comes complete with a spa and a Jacuzzi will be installed. It always refreshes and relaxes the body nd mind as a whole.

The mansion should have recreation facilities such as gymnastic areas, swimming pools and swings among others. In addition, it should have a flower garden because I love nature. It is also essential because the owner of the mansion will not require buying flowers for the flower vase. All I need to do is pick them from the flower garden. Moreover, flower gardens are usually beautiful to look at; one can spend their leisure time in that vicinity. The mansion should also contain a portion where various pets’ houses can be kept.

An ideal mansion should have a master bedroom, which is inclusive of a toilet, a dressing room and a beautiful bed among others. Further, it should have a dressing table. It should have beautiful curtains matching with the bedding as well as the carpet.

An ideal mansion should have a study room with a library of fascinating books. It should contain books that are old as well as the current ones. It should also have comfortable furniture where one would feel comfortable studying. It should have ample light and enough air circulation to prevent straining which may cause fatigue.

The ideal mansion explained above explores all the sides of a person. It takes care of comfort, elegance, man’s curiosity, leisure and ones urge to be in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment. Matching curtains and the interior décor bring both harmony and beauty. The library brings knowledge and the beauty room and the flower garden help the body to relax and to appreciate nature. In other words, they also help the body. an ideal home will bring an ideal lifestyle.




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