animal experimentation

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Animal experimentation


Animal experimentation is the use of non-human animals to carry out research. Most of these researches are medical based. Some researchers use animals for cosmetics experiments, before they conclude they are safe for human use. The reasons why animals are used for research is because some of them have a similar anatomy to that of a human. Therefore, any results derived from an animal would be similar to those derived from a human being. In one year, fifty to one hundred million of these animals are used. After the research is over, they are euthanized. There has been a debate about animal experimentation. Some people support this exercise while others oppose. Animal experimentation should go on, and authorities should not stop it. It has many benefits to the humankind (Cothran, 12).


Woods (45) states the major benefit of animal experiment is discovering treatments. These treatments are not only limited to people but also animals. Many people may argue that these experiments can be done using advanced technology. This is not possible because machines are not fully reliable. An organism has to be used to confirm results. A computer has its limitation, and it cannot give accurate answers to these researches. It could cost many lives if medics relied on technology for cures and drugs.

Eliminating animal experimentation would mean ending medical development. Medical research would not be possible without animal specimen. Human beings would suffer because cure invention would stop. People would continue dying of the common diseases since research would cease. Though computer technology would be used, no one would guarantee the new invention is real. The regulatory agencies would not allow usage of such drugs and treatments since they will not see satisfactory evidence (Woods, 56).

According to woods (78), lack of using animal experimentation is gradual elimination of the human race and animal. When new diseases and illnesses manifest, people will become ill and die. There will be no cure since no research is being carried out. If such a trend continues for many years, millions of people will die, and some countries will be under populated. Their economy will deteriorate because a large group of people is not productive. Such consequences are unbearable to all the countries. Therefore, it is important to continue using animal experimentation.

It is a fact that a human life has more value than that of an animal. This means an animal has to be sacrificed to save the life of a human being. It is apparent when people oppose animal experimentation, they do not understand the other alternative is using human beings. These opposing people would not agree to sacrifice their lives for medical research. This thought cannot even be discussed because it is a violation of human rights and evil. Therefore, animals have to be used for experiments (Woods, 97).

Medical researches are important in developing vaccines. There are many fatal diseases and viruses, which are prevented using vaccines. They were developed and confirmed viable through animal experimentation. Vaccines have become a huge relief to illnesses like polio and cervical cancer. Women can stop this type of cancer by getting a vaccine. Small pox is almost extinct even in developing countries because its vaccine was used to alleviate it. If animal experimentation would be prohibited, vaccine invention would stop (Woods, 112).

Many devices used in saving lives are assembled or manufactured in certain companies. These companies verify the competence of the devices by doing experiments on animals. Forbidding animal experiments will mean these companies will not manufacture medical devices. They are important in restoring human health and actually saving lives. Hospitals would not run well without these devices. Forbidding human experiments is a clear indication that many lives will be lost because of lack of life- saving equipment. It would also increase unemployment since employees in these companies would lose their jobs. The local authorities would lose revenue when these companies close down (Woods, 120).

Animal testing helps cosmetics producers to make efficient cosmetics. Using animal experimentation for cosmetic testing is greatly opposed than medical research. People consider it is vanity and some think it is not important at all. It is vital to consider that all these cosmetics produced are used for grooming. Both men and women widely use them, and some cannot live without them. It is ironical for such people to be against their production. People need cosmetics for many reasons. The beauty industry is a huge entity internationally. Multinational companies rely on these cosmetics for them to survive. They can only perpetuate if they are allowed to continue cosmetic technology and development. This means they will have to incorporate animal experimentation (Woods, 134).

The opposing side of this debate argues it is inhuman to experiment with animals. They say animals are innocent and defense and do not deserve such treatment. It is also a violation of their rights. This is because they are sometimes injured or killed after the research (Cothran, 34). Some of these experiments done are not beneficial. Using animals for experiments is expensive and may consume a lot of time. They need to be fed or prepared for them to give the expected results

According to Cothran (67), there has been concern that animals may respond from humans, under the influence of certain drugs. Therefore, animals should not be used for this purpose. However, this should not be a major issue. Researchers use animals with similar human anatomy. Any results derived from these animal samples would be similar to results derived from human samples. Animals like pigs have the same heart and digestive system as humans. All the successful treatments used on human beings verified using animals. If animals were inaccurate, most of these treatments would fail on people.


Woods agrees that (150) animal experimentation should not be forbidden. Researchers should be encouraged to continue inventing cures for these complex diseases. Humans are superior to animals; therefore, animals should be used to save human lives. Government should finance medical research institute on promising researches. Research and experiments is the key to good and improved health. People should understand sacrifice has to be done for a better future. Animal experimentation has more benefits than shortcoming. This should indicate it should be continued. People need to realize they should make a judgment out of emotions. They need to understand reality and make decisions logically. If animal experimentation ceases, it means negligence of health care concern, which is a basic need in everyone’s life (Woods, 154).


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