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Posted: November 8th, 2023

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Application Form Explanation

Question One

I do not believe my grades are a true measure of my academic ability for several reasons. Firstly, my final grade was supposed to consist of three papers: two essays and one dissertation. No grades were released for the two essays because a substantial amount of time in the first and second terms was spent doing industrial action. As a result, my final grade consisted of the points awarded for my dissertation only. The effort committed to the entire Master’s program is reflected in one dissertation, which is unfair. Secondly, the coronavirus pandemic led to school closure, which made it difficult to communicate with my supervisor. The absence of professional guidance was bound to impact the quality of my dissertation. For instance, since I was interested in the influence of parents on children, I focused on this aspect. Given that I did not write about Arts Education, my assessors thought that the paper did not align with [xxxxx program’s name]. My second essay and dissertation proposal were also written without aligning with {xxxx}, but no one at the time highlighted this mistake. Lastly, I believe that it deserves a better score given that it is now being examined under the [xxxxx program]. The paper expresses my research and knowledge in a much better way, outlining why I trust a remark is justified.

Question Two

I consider myself a relatively good planner, which is why I decided to transfer from one college to another. While still at AAA High School, I discovered through online research that GGG community college allowed students to simultaneously complete their high school and college courses. It was my intent to graduate early and faster to save money. As a result, I opted to combine my high school and college courses and entered GGG college immediately after finishing the tenth grade. I received my high school diploma in summer 2014 and my Associated Degree in Arts in spring 2015. As my peers were graduating from high school, I could already transfer to a university for my junior year. My learning approach meant that I finished schooling in two years, while others took two years for high school and two years for college. In addition, I was able to combine the two courses and still graduate with high honors. Transferring from one learning institution to another was cost-effective and productive.

Question Three

I have had a one-year interruption in the course of my study. I went through some emotional setbacks during the time I was doing a college transfer. I could not settle down and cope well as I submitted my college transfer applications. I had applied to two top schools and failed to secure admission to either of them. As a result, I took a passive gap year. The time spent away was highly beneficial as it helped me to clarify the purpose of what I was to pursue. I also took the time to work on myself and find new ways to become happy. For instance, I took the Amtrak train from Seattle to Los Angeles and visited New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and China. I indulged in painting and volunteered at a nursing home. Besides, I now have a driver’s license and a certificate from an entrepreneurship course. The best part during this gap year is that I managed to spend a lot of time with my family following the demise of my great-grandfather. Finally, I learned to love and grew very close with my younger sister, who used to be a thief of our parents’ attention in my perception since her birth. As a person with strong family values and roots, establishing a strong relationship with my sister is something I consider a win during my gap year.

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