Application Letter

Posted: October 17th, 2013











Application Letter










Abdullah Alghamdi

224 Ridge Ave



4th September 2012


Prof. Paul Miers

Director of Research


Towson University

8000 York Rd.

Towson, MD 21252.


Dear Sir:

RE: Application for the position of Associate Analyst – Music

I hereby apply for the aforementioned position at your organization. I am a college student having just completed one year of course work.

I am applying for this position because I am an industrious person with interpersonal skills gleaned from the various positions I have held both in and out of college. I am a fast learner, who is versatile and hence will adopt with relative ease to the new working environment. In addition, I possess good communication skills both innate and learned throughout my school life.

Although I have limited work experience, I have held numerous positions and duties that have enable me to acquire the necessary skills needed to work both independently and as part of a team. This coupled with my musical abilities and general interest into the world of music make me a suitable candidate to add to the team.

I am aware of the trending music capturing the attention of listeners everywhere and understand that it is key in effectively offering this service to the consumer. This correlates to the kind of music that is consequently being produced is as a response to analyzing the listeners’ preferences. You will therefore not regret having me as part of your team.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Abdullah Alghamdi













Abdullah Alghamdi

224 Ridge Ave




Employment Objective

A summer position that would utilize my experience in online businesses



Bachelor of Business Management                                                                 Expected: May 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology                                                                        May 2009

Major GPA (6.0 scale): Management – 5.8, Sociology – 5.5

GPA Overall: 5.6

Distinguished Student Program


President, the Honor Association

  • Coordinated the clubs day to day activities
  • Organized fundraising activities through creating attractive campaigns on social networking sites
  • Chaired the associations meetings
  • Ensured membership had increased from 25 to 73 members
  • Organized retreats and community service


Member, Junior Achievers

  • Was part of a group that work on several charitable causes in the community

Member, local orchestra

  • Was part of the orchestra and this experience gave me great interpersonal skills. Coordination is vital to the success of the orchestra



  • I am a fast learner
  • I possess great interpersonal sills
  • I have good communication skills
  • I am analytical and can concentrate on a task till completion
  • I am computer literate, having comprehensive experience with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access suits, and possess CISCO certification


  • I can play several instruments like the violin and cello
  • I like socializing both in person and on social media



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