Architecture from ancient times

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Architecture from ancient times.

Architecture has undergone dramatic changes in the past millennium. Advancements in technology and civilizations are the main causes of these changes. Architecture can be dated back as far as man came into existence. However, only the solid architecture has had the ability to withstand time and harsh weather. Architecture has withstood the test of time and can date back to the Neolithic period, which was from 6800BC to 3200BC. During this period, the inhabitants in Greece traveled from regions around Turkey into Greece. They are thought to have brought farming and pottery into Greece. They settled in east of Greece, and built houses there, which were made of stone foundations and roofs made out of timber. This was followed by the Bronze Age or the Helladic age from 2050 to 1050 BC. During this age, there were Minoan and Mycenaean periods. In the Minoan age, the houses of regular people were roofed with clay tiles, the houses were also made of stones were protected by walls of stone in the homes of the affluent people. People also buried the dead in graves carved into rocks or simple pits. Methods of building homes and houses have evolved since time immemorial.

The Minoans were responsible for building large castles and fortified palaces. However, they were conquered by the Mycenaeans who were outstanding builders and traders. They built houses that were characterized by large entrances that are identifiable with Greek architecture. They also buried their dead in tombs that resembled beehives. After the rapid rise of the Mycenaean empire, it came to fall, which marked the beginning of an endless civil that led to the total ruin of the Mycenaean civilization. After their fall, the Dorians invaded the country and took over. The dorians were highly artistic and influenced the numerous artworks on Greece as it tried to redeem it. The dark ages were followed by the archaic period in 800 to 500BC, which was defined by the presence of fine art in pottery and life-size sculptures. It is during the archaic period that big temples were built after the ruin of the former civilization The archaic period was followed by the classical period, which was estimated to be around 500BC to 350BC. It was a period that marked the tremendous growth of artwork and architecture. This period was the main influence to architecture’s history as some of the architecture still stands to this day. Such works must have involved on the most advanced civilizations if not the most civilized due to the intricate designs of the works.

The Hellenistic period covered the period from 350 to 140BC, and during this period, the art work was influenced by Alexander the Great‘s conquest of Greece. Most of the artwork was on the basis of Greek religion in myths. Sculptures were erected resembling the Greek gods and heroes, which were placed outside the temples, palaces and entrance to cities. Alexander the Great had one the greatest empires in history of humankind, which covered from Greece to the Middle East. Such control over a vast land influenced other countries in the architecture. In Egypt, they built temples, which were similar to those in Greece and had sculptures that were very common in temples and entrances to the palaces date back to 4000BC. The pyramids in Egypt, with reference to the first pyramid at Saqqara built for King Zoser had steps to the top, was quite similar to the White temple, Ziggurat and Warka temples used by the Sumerians, which had steps to the top. They also had the same form of writing on their temples that indicates the spread of civilization, the use of hieroglyphs and obelisks. The Sumerian and Egyptian cultures both had a religious attachment to their sculptures and buildings. In conclusion, all these cultures represent the most advanced civilizations to exist in ancient times.

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