article critiques

Posted: August 13th, 2013





Article Critiques

PFM Devices


PFM Devices is a company dealing in the production of synthetic cartilage and the article is about the projects it initiated to improve its business operations. The major projects aimed at improving the management and overall direction of information technology in the various divisions of the company. Recently acquired outlets in other countries, it was necessary to come up with a system to integrate information within all the divisions. The measures to be taken would help the company in keeping abreast with trends emerging in the business field. Additionally, they would enhance consolidation of information and improvement in communication.


However, the steps undertaken by the new information officer to enhance information technology failed to adhere to customer specifications and instead concentrated on the technicalities of the business which would increase sales in a short period. All the methodology put in place including an increased budget failed to earn the company the profits it had anticipated. This implies that the systems put in place were more operations based than customer tailored, a factor I disagree with. With new IT systems in place the diagnosis of problems in all divisions of the company was ultimately made easier but failure to link them with their customers proved fatal for the company, which eventually made losses.


The proposed solutions were both impressive but I agree with that of customer relationship management. This is because in this kind of industry that is mainly service oriented, satisfaction of consumers is what matters the most. Getting closer to the consumer provides an opportunity to better understand their needs and derive the best ways to meet these needs. In the end, the provision of quality service is what attracts more customers to any product thus the need to enforce good customer relationship before taking other measures to increase company sales.

Du Pont


Du Pont is a manufacturing company, which was among the first in its time to implement Artificial Intelligence in its operations. This article focuses on how the Du Pont Company implemented a new information systems strategy that was largely criticized for its target of smaller systems which people considered a waste of resources. Artificial intelligence was an emerging management system at the time and its implementation was definitely a brilliant move given its numerous benefits. The main challenge, which was also a cause of disagreement among the proprietors of the project, was whether to begin with the small systems or the larger systems.


With regard to information technology, dealing with smaller systems is often a better option as it provides a better way to gather information as opposed to the larger systems. Despite it being expensive, the results are always impressive. In the case of Du Pont, it served its intended purpose of managing the employees, putting in place better systems, processing and scheduling applications and sourcing for new technology. Had they concentrated on larger systems, I doubt that the same efficiency would be guaranteed or that the momentum of the project would be progressive although it was a cheaper option.


On the other hand, I think that the company should not have implemented the strategy in such an extensive manner. New systems, which have not been tried and proven efficient, are risky to put in practice because of the possibilities of failure that it presents. Such large tasks should not just be based on the implementer’s impressive record of accomplishment hence there should have been room for trials and errors before actually launching the full project. Although it was successful, future considerations have to be made regarding its sustainability.


Alternatively, the project should have been implemented in small doses to allow evaluations to be made on its success and suggestions made to improve it. This will prevent challenges such as maintenance from emerging because they would have been dealt with during the first stages of implementation.


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