Articles review

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Articles review

Head start

This program provides finances to agencies involved in offering comprehensive services to underprivileged children. They specifically concentrate on children who are preschoolers and they teach them basic skills in reading and mathematics. These are important skills for children since they will need them in further learning. The program concentrates with children from birth up to when they are three years. The program prepares children socially and cognitively for school life. They do this by providing health, nutrition and social services (Bierman et al, 2008).

Head start does not only mind children but also families. The most involve families are those with children who are enrolled in this program. The agencies encourage parents and guardians to participate in the development of their children. When parents take part in their children’s learning, they also improve their literacy level and progress on their employment targets. This program started during President Lyndon Johnson era. He campaigned for great society and it was justified as an investment in education. The council of economic advisors approved it and operations began.



Impact of the article

This study is essential to general educators, parents and guardians. These parties will learn how to assist children with bad behavior. Some children do not reform from bad behavior because their parents or guardians do not follow an effective criterion of intervening. This article teaches parents and guardians that it is vital to follow –up after consulting and implementing behavior management techniques (Noelle, 2002).


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