B.C. Internet marketing company’s environment

Posted: August 5th, 2013

B.C. Internet Marketing Company’s Environment

The internet is considered s the medium with the largest widespread rates worldwide. The usage rate of the internet medium was established as 250% spanning seven years from 200-2007. With regard to internet marketing in British Columbia, the Business environment is in terms of economic, political, technological, and social factors; all forces considered beyond the influence and control of internet marketing companies. These business companies are those deemed to pose a negative or a positive impact on the internet industry in British Columbia. On the current scene, events have overseen significant changes in the political scene in terms of national attitudes. For example, the U.K. government recently devised a plan that focused on cutting down expenses by an enormous 6.2 billion pounds.


Moreover, similar to the United States, more people are resorting to the internet industry for ideas of generating an income as well as searching for online jobs. With this in mind, the implication can only mean an over surge of individuals with similar interests within the same market regions. With the rapid growth of the industry, more investors become interested with the idea of venturing into the market. Consequently, this creates devastating competition in the internet market. It therefore makes sense to extend the internet marketing business environment to allow stability in British Columbia. The only solution to this problem can only involve outsourcing measures for other markets to ease the pressure and competition in British Columbia.

Last but not least is the technology factor in the internet marketing environment.

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