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Question 1

  1. McDonalds has a divisional organization structure. This is because of the division by geographic location. Mc Donald has segregated large proportions of its business into semi-independent bodies.
  2. This kind of organization structure however limits information flow. A suggestion would be to introduce an intermediary between the departments to ease interdepartmental communication. This will also reduce rivalry that occurs among different departments.
  3. The divisional organizational structure in McDonald appeals to me. This is because the division pf work allows specialization. The different divisions are able to focus on a particular product or service. The structure also enables the different departments to build on a common work ethics. This culture will enable the employees to have a better understanding of their product or service. They will also be able to work with better morale.
  4. A functional organizational structure would work for McDonald. This is because it would enable individuals with similar expertise to be pooled together. The result of this would be operational efficiencies. The centralization of coordination and specialization of tasks would reduce the running costs for McDonald.

Question 2

I like the answer to the first question because it captures the important aspect of McDonald’ organizational structure. The answer also gives practical recommendations on improving the particular structure. Apart from this, the answer gives a critical analysis of a structure that could work better for McDonalds.


Question 3

I agree with the message being communicated by the answer because it is relevant to the question. The answer gives apt descriptions of the current organizational structure and a model of a structure that could work for McDonalds.

Question 4

Communication skills are important in improving ones managerial skills. Effective communication improves an individual’s efficiency. There are various ways that an individual can improve his communication skills. The steps to be undertaken are creating an open atmosphere, listening, having clear communication and showing respect.

I strive to communicate effectively. This is not only to build on my managerial skills in a work set up, but also to help me with my personal relationships. For effective communication to occur, I have learnt that it is important for me to create an open environment. I have especially practiced this aspect with my parents at home. Lately I have been creating situations that allow my parents to express their opinions. I began by expressing my very own opinions concerning various issues that we argue about. This saw them giving positive feedback and they felt comfortable sharing their concerns and fears. The hardest part has been disciplining myself to listen to their point of view. This is because most of them are usually contrary to my very own. However listening is an important aspect of effective communication. It shows that you respect the other individual’s opinions.

There is still a lot more that I need to learn and implement when it comes to effective communication. I intend to exercise patience when communicating. This is especially where there are conflicting opinions. More than often, I find myself eager to explain myself to individuals with opinions that contradict my very own.



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