Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

Demonstrating communication skills

Supervisors should have exceptional communication skills with their subjects as well as their superiors. One appropriate way of demonstrating excellent communication skills is being a staunch listener. Supervisors should learn to be excellent listeners to everyone who communicates with them. This practice will enable them to assist their subjects when they approach them with any problems or issues. Supervisors who are outstanding listeners have a tendency of ensuring those problems or issues have been solved. If they become proficient listeners, they will always understand orders or instructions from their superiors. In case of any communication problems, such supervisors will ask for clarification. Supervisors who are skilled listeners enhance cohesion and understanding in an organization. Since they have a better understanding, they tend to be dependable problem solvers (Pajak et al, 2003).


Improving employee relation can be done using other activities out the workplace. Supervisors can organize recreation activities, which involve working together. For example, sporting activities are a relevant way of building employee relations. The supervisor can organize employees in groups and allow them to compete. This is related to the competition among several organizations with similar operations. Every organization has to work hard and lead the other organizations. The activities will teach employees how to work together and relate well in the workplace. Some supervisors recommend employees should have tea breaks and lunch at a common place. This will assist them to interact and improve their relations. Organizations with high standards of employee relations are successful in their operations (Rue & Byars, 2004).

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