Posted: September 3rd, 2013






Life is the chance that I have been given to make the world more habitable. The change that I desire to see in my society has its genesis in me. These are the paradigms with which my Hispanic parents have brought me up. For the past sixteen years, life in a family of eight members has been shaped by the values that were inculcated into the lives of my father and mother. I have two brothers and three sisters, and I am the fourth born in our family. My father is a dance instructor at a local talent institute while my mother works at a grocery store. Being born Hispanic is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. This is because I have been able to view the society from an accommodative point. As a Hispanic, encounters of racism have molded my view of society.

I have learnt to embrace multiculturalism as an important ideology in the society. When I was nine years old, the curriculum that our school covered rarely talked about the history of our people. I was curious and asked our history teacher why this was so. The stories that my grandparents shared with me concerning my ancestors were intriguing, and I wanted my school mates to experience the same. However, he mentioned that there was not enough material to offer information about the Hispanic culture. This motivated me to show concern on the minority ethnic groups. There is a need to share, incorporate and accommodate the different cultures that exist in society. Our school managed to initiate a cultural day where the students get to showcase the various aspects of their diverse cultures. This has helped me and other students in my school to appreciate the diversity that exists in the society.

Racism is degrading and lowers the esteem of the victims involved. This lesson was learnt through the various encounters that my family and I have had in the society. Once, we were denied the opportunity to enter a particular restaurant because of the color of our skin, texture of hair and the accent that we exhibit in our speech. Before this encounter, I always thought that people’s identity was defined by outwards features. However, individuals are entitled to equal rights and opportunities despite the color of their skin or race. This particular change of perspective has helped me view individual for their self worth and not social groupings like class, race, ethnic group or religion.

The Hispanic community is considered a minority group. This is because of the immigration history that dates back to their occupation in America. Such a placement in society has always meant that I will be treated differently from the rest of my friends who are not from the society’s minority groups. This particular position has greatly shaped the way I relate with others. Living in a society embedded with prejudice needs one to be mindful of others. This is because many are discriminated against because of various sociological factors like race, class or even religion. I have made it my personal objective to view others as human beings, with inherent needs that are universal. These needs are like, being loved and appreciated. I, therefore, strive to appreciate the differences of others. I have learnt that these differences are what make life worthwhile. This is because they provide variety and diversity in life.

The value of life will always be shaped by an individual’s beliefs and perspectives. I have come to realize that everyone has a unique purpose. Their individual differences are what enable them to accomplish this unique purpose. Therefore, an individual’s race is not an opportunity for me to put them down. A person’s racial differences are opportunities for me to appreciate their unique purpose.

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