Black women are less likely to get married

Posted: September 6th, 2013





Black women are less likely to get married


            Marriage rate in black women is declining at a significant rate. About seventy percent of African American women are unmarried. These women belong to the ages of twenty-five and twenty-nine. Only thirteen percent of women beyond forty years have never been married. There is a notion in the society that the number of unmarried black women is increasing. A large number of people believe black women are bound to stay single. Some of them will be heard saying there are no compatible men to marry. Hence, they remain single until they find compatible partners. A large number of black women argue that it is not true to say women are less likely to marry. Most of them marry while in their 30s. Therefore, it could be a myth that black women are unlikely to marry.

Several reasons have created this situation. Statistics confirm that African American women with education less than high school are unlikely to marry. Poorly educated women are considered disadvantaged and men tend to think they will not contribute financially to the family. They will be a burden since they will be forced to rely of the man for most of financial support. This shows education is a determining factor in marriage. Those with wealth like vehicles, estates and money are likely to get married earlier than those who are low-income earners. This is an indication that financial stability enables a black woman to find a marriage partner easily.

Research Question

This research intends to answer the question on why black women are unlikely to get married. This question is answered, coupled with many assumptions. It is not clear why the marriage rate in black women is declining. This research will assist people to understand the truth about this situation. A research question guides the researcher on the specific thing to investigate. A researcher will formulate his or her questionnaire in accordance to the research question. The research question must be related to the problem statement (Creswell, 41).

Significance of the research

This research will confirm or reject the theories surrounding this question. The society will understand the reasons why black women are les likely to get married. The results of the study will determine the public’s perception towards this question. Currently, people’s perceptions are based on their thoughts and assumptions. Generally, research enables people to discover new information, useful to them. It confirms hypotheses and theories existing among the people (Bailin & Grafstein, 23). After the study, the truth is revealed to the public. For example, after this study has been carried out, people will understand why black women are unlikely to marry.

Sociology studies people’s way of life and behavior, in relation to other elements. This study entails studying black women and their perceptions towards marriage. It will also reveal their behavior towards other people like men. The research is a contribution of information in the field of sociology. It adds to knowledge of this field and helps people to understand what is happening in their environment. Certain groups of people have developed a negative attitude towards black women and the issue of marriage. This outcome of this research is expected to educate the society about the research topic. Those with a negative attitude might change when they learn the truth about this topic. Such a study could bring unity among members of the society, after they understand human behavior.

Data collection

            The appropriate way to collect data is interviewing people. It will enhance accuracy and credibility. The data has to be gathered directly from the respondents. The nature of the topic has limited the respondents to only black women. Since the study intends to understand why black women are unlikely to marry, then only black women should be interviewed. Other relevant sources that can be used are other studies done on the same topics. The findings can be compared to the results of the study or used in other relevant ways (69).

The interview will be carried out using a questionnaire and telephone interview. The questionnaire will be used more than telephone interview. People tend to be honest when they know they will remain anonymous. Therefore, more data that is accurate will be obtained by questionnaires since they keep the respondent unknown. Samples of respondents will be selected according to various factors and then receive the questionnaires. Some respondents will be so the questionnaires will be sent by email. The respondents in near proximity will be given by data collectors.

The questionnaire should be prepared carefully to ensure it provides the required information. Some of the requirements, which will be observed when preparing the questionnaire, are clear and precise language. Vague and ambiguous words might lead the respondent to give incorrect information (Creswell, 98). The questionnaire will be well organized and appealing. This will assist in persuading respondents to participate in the study. The questionnaire will include a brief introduction and title. It will enlighten the respondent on the purpose of the study. Some may be reluctant to fill the questionnaire if they do not understand its intention. It will be both a closed and open questionnaire because of the different nature of questions.

Data presentation and analysis

            After collecting data, it has to be interpreted for the researchers to know the outcome. Interpretation is done after presenting the data in various methods. Some of the possible methods are presenting the data using graphs, factor analysis and tables. The methods will be used according to the nature of data. The method of presentation is determined by the most appropriate method of presenting it. Presenting data enables an analyst to observe trends and patterns. The interpretations are derived from these observations (112).

Possible challenges

            Some of the challenges expected are limitation of time. The research has limited time yet its scope is wide. A lot of time is required to coordinate collection of data, analysis and interpreting it. Some respondents are likely to be uncooperative. They may lack time to answer the questionnaire or feel the study is intruding their personal lives. It is expected that not all questionnaires will be returned. This reduces the amount of data hence, affect accuracy. The research team is prepared to curb the challenges experienced during the study (Bailin & Grafstein, 75).


            The important part of a research is the results. They explain or give a solution to the problem statement. This study will answer questions pertaining marriage among black women. The results determine the recommendations given. For instance, the investigators will recommend according to their findings. This study will form a foundation for further studies, which would intend to understand the topic in a broader perspective (Creswell,121 ).

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