Posted: October 17th, 2013






This town is situated along Monongahela River. It is a less populated area, and there are many vacant houses, which look unattended. The streets are dirty and hazardous. The bushes have overgrown, and there is litter at the corners of the streets. The few people who live in this town try to maintain their houses in order. This is especially in Talbot Street where it looks most deserted. Talbot is in this condition because a majority of the people did not settle there after the war. Only scattered people and businesses live here. One of the existing businesses belongs to Edgar Thompsons, a company makes steel. Others include grocery, bars and funeral home. Although it is dirty, it is popular because it is associated with dignitaries. Some of them are George Washington and Daniel Boone. They once marched past this town back in the early years, as they were part of the army. In 1889, Andrew Carnegie volunteered to offer a library to the town of Braddock

About one hundred years ago, the town of Braddock was vibrant, and the people were very active. All types of business were present, and people and the population was dense. After World War, the residents moved away gradually. They prefer settling in other prestigious cities and towns. This is because they became successful so they moved away. Migration from this town resulted to a negative effect to the economy. The rate of tax decreased significantly, and some industries like the one for steel had to be closed down. Lack of adequate tax income means that a town will not have the required developments because it cannot afford them. The town’s conditions deteriorated as time went by until today it looks like uninhabitable location.

After a while, people have started moving in that town. They hope they can find a good home for themselves and their families. The ethnic profile is made of people from different races and ethnicities. There could be racism because a few people are complaining of its existence. The older citizens, who witnessed the town when it was successful, feel sad. One woman thinks about it and feels a part of her history has been taken away. After struggling to get independence and freedom, citizens hoped that they would live comfortably. Now Elmer, who is sixty-eight years old, is depressed. Another old man was almost becoming devastated in his efforts to rehabilitate a garden in his land.

There are signs of hope despite the desperation among the people. On a cold morning, a reporter passes through the Ninth Street. He hears a congregation in a church. They seem happy because they clap, laugh and sing. They particularly sing a patriotic song, and they stamp their feet as they sing. This is an indication that they soon expect that the town will eventually become industrious again, and a decent place to live. People start to give their life stories in that town, before it collapsed. All the stories talk of how people lived well until a misfortune. For example, one person says that they moved in Braddock, and at first, they had to live in a boarding house until his parents bought a house. Unfortunately, it was burnt down, and it was never compensated. This is the reason that mad his family to move away from Braddock. Today, he lives in another town but still considers Braddock his initial home. This is why he would like to unite with other members in this town to improve, and take it back to its former position. If possible, it should even be better than before. It seems there is hatred in this town because people come from different backgrounds. This is why the church is symbolic, and it is being used as a venue of interaction for all people. Many people from different races told their stories, and they felt that they have a common objective. They would like to revive their town to be a habitable town.

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