broke back mountain short story and broke back mountain the movie

Posted: November 27th, 2013





Contrast between Broke Back Mountain short story and Broke Back Mountain the movie


When a book is being reenacted into a movie, usually it has some differences to make the movie more interesting. Despite the movie bearing the same name as the book, the plot, themes or even the characters might be changed in the movie to make it more interesting. In the movie and the short story, “Broke Back Mountain,” is about two boys who grow to be young men and as they do so, they develop a sexual relationship. However, they marry women and bear children with them but they meet again and have sexual relationship, which causes their marriages to break up. Despite of this, they do not live together as expected (Proulx 1997). This is a very good example because it contains some elements, which could be used to show the differences, which are usually their when a story is being changed into a movie.


            In the short stories, one of the characters, Ennis, marries her wife Alma, after they have departed ways with his sexual partner Jack. Jack visits Ennis and their love is rejuvenated showing this by kissing passionately for the first time when they meet again. In the short stories, it says that they continue to have sexual intercourse until Ennis wife starts to be suspicious about their sexual affair (Proulx 1997). To make the movie more interesting, the director has changed the part to contrast with the short stories. Now Alma, Ennis wife happens to see them making love instead of suspecting. This difference has been made in the movie to create drama between the three characters and to make the movie to be more interesting.

Another difference is that in the short story, after the two, Ennis and Jack, met and rejuvenated their sexual life, they had to break up again since their marriages with their wives were breaking. Ennis remarries the grocer. Later they meet with jack when they are old and talk about their relationship with other women (Proulx 1997). In the movie, it is not the same. After they have broken up for the second time, Ennis goes and have affairs with men prostitute in Mexico while Jack tries to create a good relationship with his children. The difference that is in the movie has been done in order to create more drama in the movie.

The character of Ennis in the short story is not that much of a carefree as compared to the movie where he is seen to be very loose. For instance, in the short story, after the two have broken up for the second time, Ennis continues with his life normally and later as they are connecting with Jack when they are old, they talk about stories of women they have had (Proulx 1997). On the other hand, in the movie, Ennis is seen as a carefree character that moves around with men prostitute in Mexico. The difference in the movie has been used to show the difference in character between Ennis and Jack as compared to the short story where the difference is not much.


            In conclusion, most of the times when a story or a book is being created into a movie it usually have very many differences if the two are compared. This is usually done for the purposes of making the movie to be more interesting, creating drama and to change the setting of the movie. In the short story, Broke Back mountain, the differences that are their in the movie have been created for the purposes of bringing in more drama in the story and making the story to be more interesting. Additionally, the differences have also been made to bring clarity between the different characters, by showing how different they in the way they are affected or feel about a certain situation. Therefore, stories, which are turned into movies, are usually not the same.


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