Building an intergenerational center

Posted: August 5th, 2013


In the recent past, we have witnessed a floury of activity relating to intergenerational programs occurring on a universal scale. New initiatives are emerging at an unprecedented scale that aims to bring together older adults and young people in various settings. This initiative is designed to promote interaction, education, providence, and support between older adults and young people (Office, 2005). Primarily, this paper will focus on designing an intergenerational program for my community. With regard to my community, the design requires consideration of both the older generation and the younger generations such that it allows coordinated interaction between the varying generations. The implications of this program are that the initiatives will reinforce and enhance a more integrated society, enlightening the younger generation while creating a more purposeful and accommodative life for the less able senior adults. This will produce all-rounded youth with the guidance of the adults and ensure that there is reduction in isolation and poverty in the elderly creating purpose in the society.


In my view, I feel that my community is bombarded by many issues affecting the different age groups such as increased criminal activity, school drop out, and rise in unethical behaviors that may lead to disintegration in the community creating barriers in relations hence making life harder especially on the elderly. In my opinion, I feel that the intergenerational program I have designed will be fully efficient at controlling if not eliminating the issues listed above.

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