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Question 1

1. Yes, I am a team player. I have the ability to work efficiently with other people. I respect leadership and coordinate with other workers to achieve the objectives.

2. Being obedient. The team members obey what the leader instructs. This is what enables them to work effectively. Cooperating with other people. To achieve the set target, people need to cooperate with each other.

3.  I have special skills in handling tasks. When there is a lot of work to be done, I perform two tasks simultaneously. This could be anywhere I am. For example, at my work place or at home.

  1. It is an important element of communication. Hochuli and the team understand each other because there is effective feedback among him and his players.

Good leadership requires good feedback method. This is one of the things that have made Honchuli successful leader.

  1. Communication brings understanding between the team players and their referee. Hochuli is confident in the decisions he makes during a game. Leaders should be confident before their subjects.
  2. Improve coordination by encouraging group members to participate more in group work. Enhancing communication because poor feedback will bring confusion in the group.

Question 2 The figures are in million

PEG ratio: $10,150/ $30,000= 1:3                               strength

Enterprise value: $10,140+ $842= $10,982

$10982- $4337= $6645                                              strength

ROE: $2602/ $15,146 = 1: 6                                        weakness

Asset turnover: $15352/$29989 = 1: 2             Strength

Current ratio: $29989/$10140 = 1: 3                            Strength

Debt to equity ratio: $10140/ $15146 = 1:6                  weakness

Gross profit margin: $20,460/ $3702= 5:5                    Strength

Gross profit: $20,460- $15,352= $5108                       Strength

Interest coverage: $3702/$1607= 2:3               Neutral

Inventory turn ratio: $6107/ $1054= 5.79                     Weakness

Net profit margin: $2606/ $20460= 1:1             Neutral

Operating income: $3702-$1102= 2600                       Strength

Quick test: 29989- $1054= $28935

$28935/ $10140= 2:8                                                  Weakness

Receivable turn: $4337/$1228= 3:5                              Strength

Return on asset: 1* 0.5= 0.5 or 1: 2                              Strength

Return on equity: $2606/ $15146= 1:1              Neutral

Working capital: $29989- $10140= $19849                 Strength

Question 3

I like your answer because it has used all the financial ratios to analyze the case study. It is very possible for investors to see the progress of the company. Other public members who have shares can also make informed decisions, concerning the calculations. The next column that states the position of a specific ratio is also very helpful. It clearly describes whether it is a strength or weakness for the company.

Question 4

I agree with the message because it is true about the analysis of the company. This financial analysis is most important to the management of the company. They will use them to identify whether the company is progressing or not. All the errors will be identified and corrected. The results of the calculation will assist potential investors to make a decision of whether to invest in this company.

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