Business Administration Job Description

Posted: October 17th, 2013

                                               Business Administration Job Description











Business Administration Job Description

Agency Name:


Job Title: Business Administration Officer

Reports to: Managing Director.

Overall Description

The business administration officer is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring of all the business operations. The individual is charged with the responsibility to manage all production processes and ensure efficient utilization of available resources. Business administration entails the systematic managing of business operations and thus guiding the organization towards a common goal. In addition, the person is responsible for uniting all departments and divisions considering they all report to this position. In addition, the person will be in charge of connecting between the top most management and the people at the lowest positions.

The successful individual will be located in xxxxx and is answerable to the Managing Director.

Salary Range:

The administration office’s salary package ranges between $38,000 to $42,000 per annum exclusive of all benefits and allowances.

Benefits and Allowances Available:

The successful applicant is entitled to thirty days paid leave per year, family medical cover, personal insurance cover a company car, an optional apartment or house allowance and numerous training opportunities. Allowances include traveling allowances when on job mission that includes accommodation, food, and all the traveling costs.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Plans, develops, and implements all company policies and strategies.
  • Ensure prompt compliance with all by-laws, regulations and laws of the company and within the community.
  • Submits daily reports to the Managing Director about company operations
  • Supervising business related functions.
  • To guide through leadership the other employees on the path of attaining company goals and targets.
  • Coordinates and provides training opportunities to the employees.
  • Provide support to the upper management
  • Ensuring all departments as well as business units reach their goals and objectives
  • Collaborate with departmental managers and supervisors to create new business opportunities such as introduction of new products.
  • Working with clients directly to find out their views
  • Organize meetings with the directors of the company
  • Interacting directly with production and project teams to offer support in ensuring logistics or supply of materials goes as planned
  • Promote improvement of operations and processes to enhance quality of services and products.
  • Carry out other tasks as delegated by the Managing Director

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

The relevant skills and abilities required for this post are that the individual should have a degree of integrity, excellent leadership qualities and management skills. He/she should be able to work under minimum supervision to meet the set targets under tight schedule and possess good communication skills. He/she must be good at working with people of all statures within the company and persuasive as well as influential. Must be competent in problem solving to ensure work goes on without distraction. Being a quick learner is of utmost importance to the company considering the dynamic market.

Minimum Qualifications

The minimum academic qualification required by the applicant seeking to fill this position is a Bachelors degree in Business Management or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. Applicants with a master’s degree in Administration or any other relevant postgraduate qualifications are encouraged to apply. In addition, he should have a minimum of two years working experience in a managerial position in a busy working environment.

Special Requirements

The applicant should have a valid driving license with a clean criminal record. In addition, the applicant should be between the ages of 28 to 35.

Where to apply

All the applications should be emailed to the human resource manager,, by 12:00 pm on “DATE”. Kindly note hand delivered applications will not be accepted.




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