Business Communication

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Business Communication


Almost all organizations today require efficient communication of information and any other issues across different levels, and within different fields to survive the dynamic environment that requires informed decision-making. Without it, organizations cannot run efficiently. Almost all operations within the business organizations such as project management, presentations and conflict solving and among others require effective communication. A major in business communication seeks to offer its students the skills that are required for enhancing communication within diverse business environments, people, and across different cultural backgrounds for smooth coordination (W.P. Carey 2012). With this major, I will be in a position to contribute significantly to the running and coordination of businesses from different environments. Additionally, the skills that I gain will help me in standing out among crowds since I can communicate my ideas effectively.


A major in a business communication course is an integrated and dynamic area of study that integrates communication, business studies and management to enhance communication of business issues. The course teaches students on the theories of communication and their role as well as how to use them in advancing interests of businesses, corporations, agencies and nongovernmental organizations among other forms of organizations. This major has taught me many communications skills that include communication in business and professions, small group communication, communication of conflict and negotiations, communication organization and leadership within group communication. Each of the fields within this major has several topics to offer that impart many skills on the student (W.P. Carey 2012).

The first course I have taken in this major is small group communication that seeks to enhance communication in a small group of three to fifteen people. Some of the skills I have gained from this course include principles and processes of small group communication, skills for effective communication, leadership within small groups, problem solving, decision-making and attitudes of small groups. In many organizations, small groups are responsible for projects, thus, it is necessary to have these skills. The other course is communication in business and professions that teach interpersonal skills, group and public communication within an organization and professional organizations. This course helps in building analytical, theoretical, argumentative, persuasive and public communication skills necessary for communicating with many people. This provides the necessary skills for presentations and communication of issues in meetings and huge gathering where one is addressing big groups.

Another course in this major that plays a crucial role in any organization is communication, conflict and negotiations (Guffey and Loewy 34). This seeks to impart the learner with theories and communication strategies that are essential for the management and resolution of conflicts within the business and conducting negotiations. Both of these operations, conflict management and negotiations; require high communication skills to attain the best result that suits all parties involved. Organizational communication is the other area of study in this major that concentrates on specialized communication processes meant for organizational and professional setting. This area can be considered technical since it will deal with technical business terms meant to communicate between professionals within an organization. This requires study of some particular areas concerning the issue being addressed. For instance, if the discussions concerns financial terms, one must have knowledge about finance to communicate effectively. Finally, the other course in my major is leadership within group communication. This course concentrates on leadership theories within group communication, focusing on their philosophical foundations, their application within different group situations and contemporary research. This course has equipped me with the necessary skills of leading group communication and selecting the leadership theory that fits each group situation.


Currently, the world is globalizing at a rapid rate, which is changing the way business environments operate and relate to each other. Globalization has changed many things such as the need to operate within regional and international markets to expand businesses (Guffey and Loewy 34). More so, it has created a need for people to interact and learn from each other to enhance business relationships. Thus, this calls for communication skills in order to operate within different cultural backgrounds as well as with different people from different regions of the world. Consequently, this has led to the need for improved communication skills in order to coordinate operations and enhance understanding within the different regions and environments. Additionally, globalization has increased competition in the whole world, requiring organizations to communicate their ideas and increase awareness to the people in order to remain competitive.

All these changes have led to a big demand for ardent communicators that can ensure the survival of businesses. Employers are seeking graduates with good communication skills to feel up positions within the organization that require continuous contact with a diverse variety of internal and external people Therefore, jobs for people with majors in business communication are set to grow as fast as the global business and need for information grows. According to NACE (2011), it was projected that business related courses were the most in demand according to a research carried out to see the response of employers for 2012. Therefore, business communication major falling under this category stands a good chance for providing graduates with a good job.

Reasons for choosing this major

I choose this major because communication within any business is the key to success. Thus, it equips me with the necessary skills for ensuring smooth coordination within any organization. The main aim for choosing this course was the career opportunity it provides. Considering that I am from Saudi Arabia, I stand a good chance of securing a career opportunity with international businesses that come to invest in the country. With globalization, it is necessary for one to be equipped with the necessary skills essential for survival in the dynamic environment. Because of the fact that communication is one of the main selling factors, I found this major to be a good course for me since I will not only gain skills necessary for securing employments, but also interpersonal skills necessary for relating to other people and driving point home.

Additionally, being in a position to communicate is always important in every area of life since one has to relate to others. This major equips me with the necessary skills of communicating with others to establish good relationships and understanding. Considering English is not my first language, this major offers me English skills; both verbal and written that enables me to fit in diversified environments and culture. This is because English is an official language in many countries all over the world that is accepted by many cultures, and the second largest language in the world. Therefore, with these skills, I can easily fit within many environments and cultures since it is popular in many countries. This is makes the business communication major an international asset. This offers an opportunity to work internationally or with international organizations.

What I plan to do with the major

With the skills that I have gained from this major, I plan to enhance coordination of people within business organizations and other areas that require people with good communication skills. Considering the importance of communication skills across all areas of life, I plan to use the skills gained in helping other people in all ways that I can such solving conflicts, negotiating in contracts and on other matters to get the best deal and enhancing understanding between groups.

One of the main aim of choosing this career as mentioned earlier is to secure a good job within a business organization that offers me the ability to present my ideas and move up the career path. I plan to use these skills to advance my career ahead to become a professional communicator who can offer inspiration to other people aspiring to take up the major. Additionally, I plan to use these skills for establishing long lasting relationship with people around me and within different environments and cultures. With many cultures interacting, having these skills is an added advantage to learning from across different people with varied statures within and outside the organization. Another way that I plan to use my skills in my field is to lead teams in making informed decision-making through enhancing good flow of communication. Further, I will ensure to use my skills in persuading clients to working with my organization during negotiations. For the organization that I will work for, I seek to use the communication strategies learnt in order to garner support from the various groups within an organization such as stockholders, employees, consumers, suppliers and other individuals such as top management that are essential in success of the organization ( 2012).


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