Business contract

Posted: August 13th, 2013





Business Contract

1. Parties

This roofing contract is made between Mr. White of White Avenue Third Street 1465 (Customer) and Mr. Fredrick of, The Roofing Company LTD of address 14 Seventh Avenue (Contractor).

2. Service description

As from (date) February 20 2013, the services that shall be provided by The Roofing Company (the contracting firm) include but are not limited to those listed in the next section.

The contracting firm must finish this work before February 23 2013.

3. Scope of services

The contracting firm will avail all the material required for the commencement of the work listed above. This shall all include all equipment, labor and machinery he/she will require for the job. The contractor is responsible for the removal of all shingles from the roof of the entire family house including the rear farmhouse and the garage. Disposal of the shingles so removed shall be done by the contractor as part of this contract agreement. After removing the shingles, the contractor will replace them with red shingles. The shingles must be 4 inches wide and 4 inches high. The shingles chosen by the contractor should be of the highest quality preferably the longest lasting shingles with a twenty-year life. The contractor must then lay down shingles that meet the above requirements.

4. Shingles
4.1       The shingles to be purchased by the contractor must meet the following specifications:

  1. Must be red in color.
  2. Must be 4 inches wide and squared.
  3. Must meet the twenty-year warranty threshold.

4.2       The shingles purchased must be able to withstand heavy rain and hailstones.

4.3       The inspection fee for the job done shall be included in the total contractual payments.

5. Other contractors

            This agreement allows the contractor to outsource services from other contractor. These other contractors must however be approved by the customer.

6. Payment

6.1       According to this agreement, the customer will pay the contractor a deposit of $ 75,000 on February 19 2013 before the commencement of the job.

6.2       The remaining amount amounting to $150,000 will be availed to the contractor on finishing the job. The payment in this case will cover all the costs of the job including disposal of the removed shingles.

6.3       This payment shall be made on approval of the completed work by the customer.

6.4       The customer possesses the right to withhold the remaining amount if he/she deems the work unsatisfactory according to the agreements made in this contract.

7. Contract Termination

This contract may be terminated if:

  1. One of the parties notices a breach of contractual agreement, which fails to be corrected by the other party even after notification.
  2. One of the parties is bankrupt or enters into a capacity in which he/she can no longer discharge the duties outlined in the contractual agreement.


8. Termination details

Termination of this contract shall be made according to the following guidelines:

  1. If termination occurs when one party has not fully cleared their payments, the unpaid party may receive part or none of their due amount according to what the other party decides.
  2. If termination occurs, the customer will recover part or the entire amount of the payment made to the contractor.

9. Resolution of disputes

            Any dispute that may arise out of this agreement shall be resolved by negotiation between the contractor and the customer. In such meetings, both parties must be represented by a qualified advocate. The legal representatives for the two parties are listed below: 

  1. Name: John Doe

Address: West Street 12

  1. Name: Dennis Pratt

Address: 2nd Avenue


            The customer and contractor in this contractual agreement affirm the authority to sign this document on behalf of their lawyers.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, they made this agreement on the date below.

Date: February 19, 2013


By: Mr. White

For: Mr. White

Witness: Mr. John Doe


By: Mr. Fredrick

For: The Roofing Contractors

Witness: Mr. Dennis Pratt




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