Business Leadership, Marketing Concept and Journal Entry

Posted: August 29th, 2013





Question One

Business Leadership, Marketing Concept and Journal Entry

Our group selected Andrew Mason who is the founder and CEO of Groupon. He was declared the Ernst and Young national entrepreneur of the year in the 2011 awards. The award is bestowed among individuals, whom the visionaries feel are recognized leaders who demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, innovation in leadership, personal commitments, as well as financial success as they lead excellent businesses. Andrew Mason was recognized for his leadership qualities that saw Groupon evolve to a quality service despite the milestones and roadblocks involved.

As a leader, Andrew Mason is highly ethical in terms of his relations to the environment as well as the people around him. The way he relates with his working staff highlights on his set of values as he says, “environment means everything to me, if people at work are as happy as I am, then they will take pride in applying their diligence and skill while performing their work duties to their very best. It is all about creating a favorable environment that everyone will flourish. It is my aim that everyone will feel happy when coming to work.” In addition, Mason is also a great servant leader who strives on setting examples to others as well as giving back to the community. He is currently renovating and restoring the mills in his childhood environment.

Andrew Mason is also successful in terms of interactional leadership because of his own personal skills as well as the peer groups that work at his organization. Whenever people meet him, conversation is not always business matters. They may occasionally chat and talk about new development ideas or even football scores. Mason says, “Treating people with respect will prompt them to treat you in the same way. That will always go to show as the bottom line, since there are times when we have serious sick days but no one has ever left the organization ever since we started four years ago.”

Question Two

Mason’s leadership qualities have seen the company tremendously grow in a very limited period of only two years. From his decision, diversification measures, as well as the way he relates to his employees have all contributed to the company’s success. Through Mason’s leadership, the company’s success has attracted significant attention from numerous capitalists including Google, who were willing to purchase the company for an enormous fee of six billion dollars. Andrew Mason, on the other hand, had other plans in mind as he decided to turn down the offer. This decision goes to show Mason’s intent on holding onto the company in order to achieve his set ambitions and goals. Upright leaders will seldom let go of their ambitions regardless of how good a circumstance may seem.

Question Three (i)

On my opinion, I do agree with Pride and Ferell’s argument on the marketing concept as key to the success of a business. They argue that marketing concept enables a business to identify the consumer’s needs and in turn develop a product that will suit the customer. This is particularly true. A customer will always be king as is the view of the current business world. Marketing concept is always oriented on the needs of the consumer that is aimed at securing long-term profits by creating a network of pleased consumers.

(ii). Marketing concept can also apply to an individual’s lifestyle. Take, for example, an entrepreneur who has capital, but is still searching for means of using this capital in the form of a successful business. Marketing concept allows you to be able to identify what is lacking in a business environment and reveals the way through which you can solve this problem. Marketing concept will allow this person to identify a business opportunity in their environment from a need that has not yet been addressed. Consequently, by opening a business that suits this need, he or she will have solved the customers’ issues, thus proving that marketing concept can be applicable in an individual’s lifestyle.

(iii) I believe that marketing concept can play a significant role in guiding my imagined picture of my lifestyle, as well as choices. Begin with the end of mind involves forecasting the consequences of the current circumstances with proportionate reason. Marketing concept helps to identify the ingredient that is hindering the success of an entity. By applying concept marketing, I would be able to identify the lacking ingredient that would hinder my achieving of the life I want to live. It would enable me realize the current path I am in, and ways to adjust it accordingly.

Journal Entry

The world has seen numerous leaders who have prospered greatly in their respective fields. Talk about Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs as well as Andrew Mason just to name few. Every organization at any level needs a leader. Their success however did not come easy. Good leaders will always have a vision with a clear picture of where he is heading, firmly grasping on his plan to achieve success and how to achieve it. My observations conclude that brilliant leaders are those who share and act upon their visions. They will communicate their vision passionately and clearly to their followers. They always act in discipline working towards the visions and set goals. Action is always the marking identity of any leader. In my livelihood, I am struggling to emulate all these qualities not only to prosper in my intended career, but also to earn a good reputation in all my endeavors. I have set my own goals and visions on my set objectives, dedicating myself to spending relevant time and energy with an aim of accomplishing my vision. A leader will always inspire others through set examples. By setting excellent examples, I can show people around that I intend to achieve something great. It is my hope that this strategic plan will help me grow personally as well as develop learning and management skills that will assist me now and in my future.

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