Business Process Redesign

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Business Process Redesign





Business Process Redesign- Proposal

Title of Project

“Sales Process Redesigning for improved Efficiency in DC Shoes” is the title for the project, since it intends to redesign the sales department with an aim of increasing its efficiency and effectiveness.


Some sales problems are observable from the reduced revenue of the company in recent years. Within the company, sales problems could be solved using s business process redesigning. Business process redesigning is the act of changing the whole process and its tasks with an aim of making tremendous improvement to the business to achieve the set goals and objectives. Within the company, one of the problems that need redesigning is the sales process (Center for Advanced Technologies, 2012). The sales process it the main process in the business that is meant to generate revenue. Without sales, there can be no revenue. The current process hardly allows customer interaction and satisfaction. Currently, there is very little done by the sales team in terms of customer intelligence, product knowledge and prospecting. The sales department has focused on the current customers without having to search for others, as well as know more about what they require. The sales process only involves selling to customers with a few customer-retaining tools but hardly any for attracting new customers. The idea is to change the sales process to allow it to interact and gather enough knowledge about the products and consumers.


            This has reduced the revenues of the company and a better process is required to address the problem in order to avoid the problem from advancing further. In order to address the problem, there is the need to redesign the sales process to make a significant change. The main goal is improving revenues by ensuring the best sales process is put in place (, 2012). Without a solid sales process, the company is bound to have minimal revenues from which it depends in making profits. It would mean making losses as well if the competitors keep improving their sales processes to suite their customers. Revenue making is the main goal. However, to achieve, it requires achieving another goal, which is ensuring to serve the customers in the best way possible that suits their needs (Center for Advanced Technologies, 2012). Thus, another goal for this project is coming up with the best sales proposal that allows sales representatives, customers and the other departments to interact. The process should act as the intermediary for the other departments to the customers.

To-do list

            Achieving the best sales process will require a substantial to-do list that will indicate what needs to be done in order to identify the best process. Identifying processes is not easy, and this requires laying down all the activities in the sales department.

  • The main activities to do in order to redesign the sales process include, identifying the current business process existing in the sales department. Identifying the processes involved in the sales that can be done through identifying the tasks within this department. It should be viewed from a cycle perspective.
  • The second activity is reviewing, analyzing and updating of the processes as they are. This involves looking into the processes identified to diagnose problems within the tasks that cause problems to the whole process
  • The third activity is designing of the to-be processes after the second activity that gives a better overview what the process need to solve within the tasks.
  • The final step is testing and the implementation of the to-be processes designed. This will require involving all the people affected by this redesigning including other departments that might have to adjust some of their processes, as well, in order to allow the redesigned process.



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