Business Research

Posted: August 7th, 2013

Business research





Business research

A business research process encompasses studying all facets of an organization and using the information to come up with authoritative business decisions (Hair, 2003). Commonly, a company conducts a SWOT analysis. The aim of the research process is the attainment of useful data that will serve to make relevant changes to increase efficacy in service delivery and improve the quantity of products.

The context used in this process is that of an airport security officer. The roles concerning this position are the inspection of passengers, protection and evacuation of passengers and baggage in the event of an emergency. Some skills are essential to perform the named duties: conflict resolution, customer service and verbal communication skills.

In the work environment, the business research process applied is the Dolcera research model (Ghauri, 2005). The methods and equipment used in airport security needs constant updating. The first step is the gathering of raw data. The relevant personnel collect information from the Team Leaders who are in charge of groups of security officers. This information is handed to the conductors of research in the form of written reports.

The second step is sifting through the raw data collected to ascertain useful information. The newly acquired information is used in the third step. Analysis of the obtained information leads to the structuring of significant choices. An example of this is the request of training of the security personnel in micro-expressions. The choices that arise from analysis of collected data are taken through a fourth step. This gives the relevant decision- makers to come up with alternatives other than those offered in the third step. Such a choice generated from knowledge that the decision-makers are privy.

The final decision lies with those with the authority to make such decisions. The final decision is made with the holistic needs of the company in mind as well as the direction that the management wishes to steer the company. The officers’ training was eventually approved, and the relevant skills acquired put to good use.


















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